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Dementia rates may be falling, not rising

World Alzheimer’s Day is a timely occasion to examine dementia statistics commonly quoted by advocacy groups and researchers. Take, for […]

Community language versions of dementia and driving aid booklet launched

The decision to give up driving is a difficult one for dementia sufferers – and their families or carers – […]

Brain training boosts attention and mood of seniors

Preliminary findings from one of the first mental health research projects started at USC’s Thompson Institute has found that brain […]

Milk study improves understanding of age-related diseases

Parkinson’s, dementia and type 2 diabetes are big problems for the ageing population in Australia and many other countries around […]

Exercise eccentrically for possible brain boost

Could something as simple as walking down stairs be the latest weapon in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? […]

Physical and mental exercises protect memory by rewiring the brain

For the first time, researchers have revealed that progressive resistance exercise (high intensity strength training) and computerised cognitive training (brain […]

Forecasting dementia in 2050 and counting the cost

By 2050, the number of Australians with dementia is expected to more than double, according to researchers at the University […]
active nerve cell or neurons

Snake venom may hold key to Alzheimer’s disease

A toxic protein called amyloid beta is thought to play a key role in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. In […]

People with dementia and their Carers ‘ReThink Respite’

Researchers launch innovative project supporting carers and people living with dementia to rethink respite.  Caring for a person with dementia can […]

Fighting disease with tiny, targeted, crystalline drug mules

Development of effective new treatments for cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other brain conditions is becoming possible from breakthrough discoveries […]