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UQ targets senior moments

Forgotten where you’ve put the car keys? Can’t remember the name of your next-door neighbour? If you’re healthy and aged […]

On a scale of one to 10…

Oncologists treat cancer, neurologists specialise in brain disorders, immunologists diagnose infectious diseases, and a host of other specialists tackle ailments […]

Study focuses on carers after brain injury

University of Queensland researchers are examining how family members are affected when a loved one is unable to drive following […]

What’s in cough syrup that could help with Down syndrome?

An ingredient used for decades in cough syrup, and to treat a variety of conditions, could hold the key to […]

How much time in the sun for healthy Vitamin D?

A world first QUT study aims to pinpoint the amount of time Queenslanders need to spend in the sun to achieve healthy […]

Concerned about binge eating? Join a free online study that aims to stop urge t…

Binge eating often comes with large helpings of guilt and shame, and a supersized dose of self-criticism that brings up […]

Aussies’ take on alcohol warning labels

Dr Emma Miller is leading an Australian study to canvass the public’s views on alcohol warning labels. Like a book […]
Tired man at breakfast

New tactic to fight fatigue

In a world-first, sleep experts from Flinders University are attempting to fight fatigue caused by insomnia and obstructive sleep apnoea […]

Testing the on/off diet

With the benefits of the new “fasting diet” hitting the headlines in the past 12 months, UniSA researchers are setting […]
Overweight man working out

Healthy eating and exercise trial to prevent type 2 diabetes

Sydney University is calling out for Sydneysiders to join a research study assessing the effects of healthy eating and exercise on the […]