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Resistance training may improve older men’s bones in fight against osteoporosis

A new study targeting older men with low bone mass expects to see big improvements in bone and muscle strength […]

Taking the pain out of pain apps

Researchers from The University of Queensland are seeking public input as they develop a mobile app to help chronic pain […]

Could a beetroot a day keep the doctor at bay?

A QUT study is underway to discover whether beetroot juice could be a new ‘super food’ to improve vascular health, […]

On track to eliminate HIV transmission by 2020

NSW is on track to virtually eliminate HIV transmission by 2020 as an expanded PrEP trial, led by the Kirby […]

Impact of Vitamin D on eyesight

Do you live in Brisbane? Are you aged between 18 and 25? If so you’re invited to take part in […]

High blood pressure volunteers required for research study

  Are you between 18 and 85 years of age? Are you suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure ≥140mmHg despite treatment […]

Let’s talk about sex: breaking the silence on cardiovascular disease and sexual…

Cardiovascular disease is more than a heart problem, with up to 87% of the 3.72 million people living with the […]

Cord blood research may unlock future treatments for cerebral palsy

Australia’s first clinical trial of stem cell infusion from cord blood as a possible treatment for cerebral palsy (CP) is […]

Taking a ‘diet holiday’ could improve weight loss

New research published in PLOS ONE suggests a break from dieting could lead to more efficient weight loss. Researchers from […]

7 minutes or the knife – short video could decrease likelihood of labiaplasty s…

PhD researcher Gemma Sharp found that a short educational video significantly changed how women saw themselves and even led to them […]