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Chemical derived from sea snails proving a potent cancer killer

Researchers at UOW and the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) have discovered a new class of molecules originally derived from […]

Individualised cancer treatment targeting the tumour, not the whole body, a ste…

They look like small, translucent gems but these tiny ‘gel’ slivers hold the world of a patient’s tumour in microcosm […]

Family blood cancer gene identified

A genetic discovery from Professor Hamish Scott and his research team at the Centre for Cancer Biology will help to […]

Major breakthrough in fighting antibiotic resistance

In what is being heralded as a ground breaking discovery, scientists led by Monash and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute […]

Redesigning molecules for cancer drugs

RMIT researchers have unlocked a powerful new clue in the search for better cancer treatments, designing a cancer-fighting molecule that […]

New way to find cancer ‘hidden’ amongst billions of healthy cells

A new method for detecting cancer cells in the body could one day be used to remove them, like a […]

New brain cancer treatment twice as effective

Researchers develop new therapy to treat some of the most aggressive malignant brain tumours. A new three-pronged therapy to treat […]

Chemotherapy innovation is in the right vein

It’s not well known, but one of the leading causes of death for patients receiving chemotherapy is not the cancer […]

Patients requiring urgent radiotherapy usually treated within a day, others wai…

A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows that most patients who receive radiotherapy wait […]
Cancer patient with bandana

Target to stop the spread of ovarian cancer identified

UNSW researchers have discovered a method for disrupting the spread of ovarian cancer, by blocking receptors present on the surface […]