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Promising results for synthetic skin

Dermal substitution (artificial skin) plays an important role in wound reconstruction after deep burns and injuries, providing a temporary seal […]

First aid: Oral trauma (mouth and teeth injuries) in infants and toddlers

Injuries to the mouth like cut lips and chipped teeth are common for toddlers. All require immediate first aid, and some an emergency dentist appointment.

Burn recovery improved by water cooling

Providing 20 to 25 minutes of water cooling as standard first aid can significantly reduce the likelihood of wound repair […]

Making a difference to the lives of children with burn injuries

A passion to provide high quality care to children recovering from burn injuries is what drives occupational therapist Debra Phillips […]

Arc discharge and health

What is arc discharge? Who is at risk of UV exposure from arc discharge? Laws and regulations controlling the use […]
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Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of burns including first aid treatment and skin burn medical research.