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Immune control: Treating brain injury with an on/off switch

Australian researchers have developed ground-breaking technology for controlling the body’s own immune response to brain damage, in an advance that […]

New brain cancer drug shrinks tumours

An international team of researchers has found a drug previously approved to treat breast cancer could also be used to […]

Cancer investigations should consider evolution as a cause

The reasons people and animals develop cancer in some organs but not in others may have more to do with […]

New brain cancer treatment twice as effective

Researchers develop new therapy to treat some of the most aggressive malignant brain tumours. A new three-pronged therapy to treat […]

Tissue bank pays dividends for brain cancer research

Checking what’s in the bank – the Brisbane Breast Bank, that is – has paid dividends for UQ cancer researchers. […]

Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer

Experts have shown that when certain parts of cannabis are used to treat cancer tumours alongside radiotherapy treatment the growths […]


Generic Name: bevacizumab (rch) Product Name: Avastin Indication: What Avastin is used for Avastin is used to treat: Brain tumours […]


CeeNU (lomustine) is a cytotoxic medicine used to treat brain cancer. It may also be used to treat another type of cancer called Hodgkin's disease.

Cytarabine (DBL)

Generic Name: Cytarabine Product Name: Cytarabine (DBL) Indication Cytarabine is a chemotherapy drug used in the treatment and induction of […]

DBL Carboplatin Injection

Carboplatin is a chemotherapy medicine used to treat certain cancers. It is often used in combination with other medicines.