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Bone density treatment slows progression of leukaemia

In research published in the Nature journal, Leukemia, a team led by Telethon Kids Cancer Centre researcher Dr Laurence Cheung described how they had identified […]

Just-in-time 3D implants set to transform tumour surgery

A major new Australian research project is set to radically advance the way physicians surgically treat tumours and bone cancer, […]

Bone cancer survivor sports training study

A program to better understand the benefits of exercise and sport for young people recovering from bone cancer will soon […]

Exercise to target tumours

Edith Cowan University researchers are investigating if the growth of cancerous metastatic bone tumours can be slowed by providing targeted […]


Generic Name: Samarium-153 Ethylenediaminetetramethylene Phosphate (EDTMP) Product Name: Quadramet Indication Quadramet is used for the relief of bone pain caused […]


Generic Name: disodium pamidronate Product Name: Pamisol Indication: What Pamisol is used for This medicine is used in the treatment […]