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Strongest evidence yet that being obese causes depression

New research from the University of South Australia and University of Exeter in the UK has found the strongest evidence yet that […]

Rethinking the health and weight debate

Swinburne researchers are part of a new wave of health professionals challenging our perception of weight and health. While it’s […]

One hour of exercise a week can prevent depression

Even small amounts of exercise – from as little as one hour per week – can offer significant protection against […]

Having a sweet tooth not always linked to being overweight

Sugar is the latest target in the fight against obesity, with calls for Australia to follow the lead of countries […]

The healing power of love handles

Question: when is a bit of surplus belly fat a good thing? Answer: when it can help to heal a […]

Leading risk factors for death include smoking, high blood pressure and obesity

A huge international study of global causes of death has revealed high blood pressure is the number-one individual risk factor […]

Stand up for your heart health

Stand up and be counted: That’s the message from a University of Queensland study that found more time standing could […]

BMI (body mass index)

The body mass index is a physical measurement used to assess your total amount of body fat. It is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by the square of your height in metres (m2). Depending on the BMI value calculated, you may be underweight, normal weight,...


Generic Name: orlistat Product Name: Xenical Indication: What Xenical is used for Xenical is used to treat people who are […]