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New cancer vaccine one step closer

A team led by Monash University and the University of Queensland has developed a new approach to harnessing the body’s immune system […]

Virus therapy to attack superbugs

Flinders University scientists are looking to bacteriophages – highly specific viruses – as the best way to attack antibiotic-resistant bacterial […]

Self-destructing bacteria a possible key to infection control

A discovery that the drug resistant superbug Pseudomonas aeruginosa can explode itself for the benefit of its “community” is giving scientists […]

Major breakthrough in fighting antibiotic resistance

In what is being heralded as a ground breaking discovery, scientists led by Monash and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute […]

Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health

A critical discovery about how bacteria feed on an unusual sugar molecule found in leafy green vegetables could hold the […]

Gut reaction: Bacteria play gender roles

Gut bacteria play vastly different roles in men and women even when the microbe balance of the gut looks exactly […]

How pigs are helping researchers tackle antibiotic resistance

Scientists at UTS are tackling the growing health crisis of antibiotic resistance at its most significant source – the farmyard. […]

Sugar-coated bacteria cause human disease

Sugar-coating is not necessarily sweet when it comes to infectious disease-causing bacteria, scientists have shown. University of Adelaide researchers, in […]

Transient microorganisms (hands)

Transient microorganisms are bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic organisms that contaminate the hands when they are dirty. Unlike resident […]

Resident microorganisms (hands)

Resident microorganisms are healthy bacteria and other microscopic organisms that live on the skin of the hands and play a […]