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Better mental health care needed for congenital heart disease patients

Experts are calling for national mental health care standards to help address the significant emotional toll faced by the 65,000 […]

Gender differences in mental health policy

Women experience higher rates of depression, anxiety and eating disorders than men but constantly fall through gaps in the health […]

Feeling disconnected? Get your group fix

They made global headlines by proving the importance of social groups in retirement, and now Australian researchers are transforming the […]

New warning signs of mental health disorders

Healthy people who have occasional hallucinations or delusions are more likely to experience mood and anxiety disorders, University of Queensland […]

beyondblue’s free NewAccess program for depression and anxiety

An Australian-first free coaching program with an incredible success rate of almost 70% in treating mild to moderate depression and […]

Can self-help books relieve anxiety?

Surviving the stressful Christmas/ New Year period could prove to be a little easier with the use of a self-help […]

Chronic disease and mental health links ignored

Health services need to be urgently overhauled to treat people with two or more chronic conditions who experience higher rates […]

No laughing matter: Being happy won’t make you live longer

A new study has challenged the widespread, but mistaken, notion that unhappiness and stress cause ill health and found that […]

Cancer substantially affects cognition

International research team finds even localised cancer is associated with sustained cognitive impairment. An international group of researchers has found […]

Hair samples reveal effects of ecstasy use

For the first time, researchers have used hair samples to measure levels of stress caused by MDMA use. Lead researcher […]