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Generic Name: cephalexin monohydrate Product Name: Keflex Indication: What Keflex is used for Keflex is used to treat infections caused […]

Ciproxin IV

Ciproxin IV (ciprofloxacin lactate) is an antibiotic used to treat serious infections in the lungs, skin, blood, bone, joints, kidneys, and bowel. It is also used to treat inhalational anthrax.

Eryc Capsules

Generic Name: erythromycin Product Name: Eryc Capsules Indication: What Eryc Capsules are used for This medicine is an antibiotic used […]


Generic Name: erythromycin as ethyl succinate Product Name: EES Indication: What EES is used for EES is used to: Treat […]

DBL Tobramycin Injection BP

Generic Name: tobramycin Product Name: DBL Tobramycin Injection BP Indication: What DBL Tobramycin Injection BP is used for Tobramycin is […]


Generic Name: tinidazole Product Name: Simplotan Indication: What Simplotan is used for Simplotan is used to: Treat certain infections of […]


Generic Name: Amphotericin Product Name: Amphocil Indication Used in the treatment of invasive fungal infections caused by organisms susceptible to […]


Generic Name: metronidazole Product Name: Metrogyl Indication: What Metrogyl is used for Metrogyl is used to treat certain infections caused […]


Generic Name: nitrofurantoin Product Name: Macrodantin Indication: What Macrodantin is used for Macrodantin is used to treat infections of the […]


Generic Name: lincomycin hydrochloride Product Name: Lincocin Indication: What Lincocin is used for Lincocin is an antibiotic used to treat […]