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General anaesthetics do more than put you to sleep

A new understanding of the complex ways in which general anaesthetics act on the brain could eventually lead to improved […]

New anaesthesia technique a breath of fresh air for patients

A University of Queensland alumnus has helped pioneer a world-first anaesthesia technique to make surgery safer for patients with obstructed […]

Trial determines safest airway device for babies in surgery

A ground-breaking Western Australian medical trial, involving babies with breathing problems, has determined that a laryngeal mask (a medical device […]

General anaesthesia has no adverse effect on infant brain development

Anaesthesia in infancy has shown no adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes in children by the age of two, a new international study, […]

Breakthrough brain anaesthesia response device recognised by TGA

An Australian-first device that can measure changes in brain activity as anaesthesia is delivered to a patient has been certified […]


Generic Name: droperidol Product Name: Droleptan Injection Indication: What Droleptan is used for Droleptan Injection is a tranquilliser used to: […]

Bupivacaine Injection BP

Generic Name: bupivacaine hydrochloride Product Name: Bupivacaine Injection Indication: What Bupivacaine Injection is used for Bupivacaine is used to prevent […]


Generic Name: midazolam Product Name: Hypnovel Indication: What Hypnovel is used for Hypnovel may be injected as a sedative during […]