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Heart Foundation

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About the Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is Australia’s leading heart health charity, saving lives through heart health research, community education programs and services to patients. The Heart Foundation is funded almost entirely by public donations and gifts from people’s Wills. Established in 1959 the Heart Foundation has played a leading role in decreasing the incidence of death from heart disease (coronary heart disease and heart failure) by almost 70%. Despite this success, heart disease remains the biggest cause of premature death in Australia today. The Heart Foundation works to help all Australians live longer healthier lives. The Heart Foundation funds world-class cardiovascular research, supports health professionals in their practice, develops health promotion activities, informs and educates the public, and assists people with cardiovascular disease. The foundation also holds a number of events and conferences throughout the calander year aimed at raising awareness of heart disease and helping cardiovasucular specialists meet and share recent findings that have been made in the field of cardiovascular health.

Vision and Mission

The Vision For Australians to have the best cardiovascular health in the world. The Mission To reduce suffering and death from heart disease, stroke and blood vessel disease in Australia.

Heart Foundation Programs and Services

  • Supporting and informing people with, and at risk of, cardiovascular disease by providing comprehensive information and guidance on how to minimise their risk.
  • Partnerships with all levels of government, other health organisations, the media and community groups to implement policies and programs that improve the cardiovascular health of Australians.
  • Ensuring that people diagnosed with cardiovascular disease receive the best possible care, they take the latest research and create practical treatment tools for health practitioners.
  • Building healthy communities by supporting local governments that change neighbourhoods to create healthier communities. Introducing cycle ways and upgrading walking paths are just two examples.
  • Promoting awareness through their community education campaigns and media activities they promote lifestyle changes to improve the heart health of Australians.

Contact Details

For further infomation vistit, or contact the Heart Foundation on 1300 36 27 87.

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The Heart Foundation.

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Posted On: 8 January, 2008
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