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Epilepsy Action Australia

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About Epilepsy Action Australia

With over 250,000 people living with epilepsy in this country, Epilepsy Action Australia is leading the way in ensuring those affected have the skills and knowledge to live the very best life possible. Unfortunately, many of these are children and teenagers so we also strive to give parents, teachers, doctors and nurses the confidence, resources and information they need to support their specific needs.

As the leading and oldest provider of epilepsy services nationwide, we focus on improving self-management skills, increasing wider public understanding of this devastating condition, and are at the forefront of partnering and funding research into interventions and treatments.

All of this contributes greatly towards our aim of opening more eyes to this ‘forgotten’ disease and ensuring that those with epilepsy are able to live meaningful and independent lives, free of stigma and misunderstanding.

Vision and mission

Their vision

Optimal outcomes for those living with epilepsy.

Their mission

Epilepsy Action Australia delivers innovative services that increase understanding, raise awareness, develop skills and leverage research to enhance the lives of those living with the condition.

Programs and services

Our comprehensive service and extensive ‘Knowledge Bank’ of information offers support across all aspects of epilepsy, including seizure management and psychological care, and very much focuses on providing the skills and tools necessary to self-manage the condition.

As the national leading authority on epilepsy, Epilepsy Action improves and saves lives by offering the following key services:

  • a nationwide network of Epilepsy Nurse Educators providing education and services via phone, internet, teleconferencing and in the community
  • individualised service plans and seizure management
  • instant online access to quality information, resources and self-management tools
  • psychological, social and emotional support
  • medication and side effect information
  • access to a network of specialist providers
  • workshops and camps.

Many of our specialist services have been designed to cater to the needs of specific groups: children, parents, newly diagnosed, teenagers, seniors and Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

Contact details

For further information visit, or contact Epilepsy Action Australia to find out more information on 1300 37 45 37.


More information

2857_woman_old5_smallFor more information on epilepsy, and the different antiepileptic drugs used in its treatment, see Epilepsy: Overview.


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Posted On: 21 February, 2015
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