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Breast Cancer Care WA

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About Breast Cancer Care WA

Founded in 2000 by Ros Worthington OAM, Breast Cancer Care WA (formerly the Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia) is a WA charity that provides personalised emotional, practical and financial support to people affected by breast cancer. This includes carers and family, who have their own challenges and needs through the experience.

Breast Cancer Care WA receives no recurrent government funding and relies solely on the generosity of the WA community to continue its vital work and provide all services free of charge.

Why purple, not pink?

It can get a bit confusing about who does what in the breast cancer field and often, pink is linked to research. To cut through the confusion and help WA people affected by breast cancer find them easier, Breast Cancer Care WA chose purple to represent them.

Vision and Mission

  • To provide personalised emotional, practical and financial support services to people affected by breast cancer and to develop and implement education initiatives to increase awareness and early detection of breast cancer.
  • To undertake fundraising activities to generate funds for the fulfilment of the objectives of Breast Cancer Care WA.

Programs and Services

Breast Cancer Care WA recognises that every person will have a unique experience with breast cancer and provides a range of services which are designed to alleviate some of the stresses that may be faced after diagnosis, during treatment and in the long term. They encourage those affected by breast cancer to approach them with their needs, no matter how unusual or unique.

Some of their programs and services include:

  • Financial assistance in a range of areas from prosthesis and mastectomy bras, wigs, contributing to treatment costs, travel and accommodation costs for country people, cleaning whilst undergoing treatment, household bills, etc;
  • In person and over the phone support froma breast care nurse and/or counsellor;
  • Support groups for women of different ages and at different stages of the disease;
  • One on one peer support from those who have had a similar experience;
  • Practical assistance like transport to and from medical appointments, help with basic living needs and with the kids following surgery and treatment; and
  • Indigenous education and specific support services.

Contact Details


or contact Breast Cancer Care WA on

Tel: 08 9324 3703

Breast Cancer Care WA

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Posted On: 24 August, 2009
Modified On: 28 August, 2014


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