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ADHD WA was formerly known as the Learning and Attentional Disorders Society of WA (LADS). ADHD WA is  a support, information and advocacy agency, founded in 1993 for people with ADHD and associated conditions. ADHD WA supports children, teenagers and adults with ADHD their parents, partners, as well as those who treat teach and work with them.

Vision and Mission

The Mission of ADHD WA is to provide support, advocacy and accurate information to members, parents, families and all people affected by learning and attentional disorders, to advocate on their behalf and to work in partnership with others to ensure appropriate services are available.

Programs and Services

ADHD WA provides information and support for the ADHD community.

Information and support line

The ADHD WA information and support line provide five day a week, state-wide, non-judgemental telephone information and support line.  This service exists to link the ADHD community to evidence-based information and informed health professionals.

The information and support line operates five days a week between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. You can leave a message outside of these hours. Call (08) 6457 7544 on Mondays-Fridays.

ONTRAC teen and tween programs

OnTrac is a skills building group, of no more than 10 participants, where the emphasis is on using a collaborative approach to help build skills that are relevant to the lives of older children and adolescents with ADHD and the transitions they face. It involves teaching CBT techniques to improve behaviour in school and home settings, psychoeducation on ADHD, organising/planning/prioritizing, managing distractibility, reducing procrastination, improving communication skills and improving anger/frustration management.

Support groups

Support groups connect people with a common condition and who meet together to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and provide emotional support for one another. Our support groups are co-facilitated by trained facilitators, at least one with lived experience. As often as possible we strive to have a professional, such as a social worker, psychologist, nurse, education professional, or psychiatrist, in attendance.

Coffee Mornings: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM;
Telephone Support line and Drop-in Library : Monday-Friday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

ADHD parent course

This program will help you understand how ADHD impacts your life,as well as those around you, and teach you how to implement a strengths based approach to create the change you are looking for. The parenting program is designed to assist you to understand your child’s challenges (training), in a supportive environment with other parents (support groups),  with an innovative approach that is effective for children with ADHD and related challenges (peer support and coaching).

Counselling and coaching

The counselling and coaching sessions are taking place at the ADHD WA office. The ADHD WA team can also suggest Skype coaching sessions.

Contact Details


The Niche, Suite B
11 Aberdare Road
Nedlands WA  6009

Telephone: (08) 6457 7544

Social media:

Facebook: ADHD WA – former Learning and Attentional Disorders Society (;
Instagram: adhd_wa
Twitter : @adhd_wa



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