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Generic Name: Docusate sodium
Product Name: Sennesoft

Indication of Sennesoft

May help to treat constipation of many types, including:

  • Mild constipation (short-term relief);
  • Constipation of pregnancy;
  • Severe constipation (to soften the impacted faeces).

May also help in the prophylaxis of constipation or prevention of straining during defaecation in patients with:

  • Haemorrhoids;
  • Hernias;
  • Fissures or perianal abscess;
  • Vaginal wounds from childbirth;
  • Recent heart attack.

Your doctor will be able to advise if this product is suitable for you. Consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

Action of Sennesoft

Docusate causes more water to move from the body into the colon, softening the stool and causing a laxative effect.

Dose advice of Sennesoft

Dose information

In all patients, maximum laxative effect may not be seen until 2-3 days after starting treatment.

  • 120 mg tablets: 2 tablets once a day after the evening meal
  • 50mg tablets: 2-3 tablets once a day
  • Children: Drops are preferable

Always read the label. If you have any queries about the correct way to use this product, please ask your doctor. Individual results may vary.


  • Abdominal cramps;
  • Colic;
  • Nausea and vomiting (and other symptoms of appendicitis);
  • Undiagnosed rectal bleeding;
  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Abdominal pain of unknown cause;
  • Previous allergy to stool-softening laxatives.

Specific considerations

  • Heart failure/hypertension: Caution must be used in these patients due to the sodium content of docusate sodium;
  • Dependence: Long-term use of any laxative may lead to dependence and should be discouraged. Concurrent methods of stool softening are advised, such as increasing water intake and consumption of dietary fibre;
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: Care must be taken in these patients who have inflamed intestinal mucosa.

Drug interactions

  • Other laxatives: May increase the absorption of other laxatives. The two should not be taken within two hours of each other;
  • Potassium-sparing diuretics: Laxatives can interfere with the potassium-retaining mechanism of potassium-sparing diuretics;
  • Antibiotics: Some antibiotics (tetracycline, neomycin) may cause bowel upset, which can be complicated by laxative use;
  • Other medications: Laxatives can interfere with the absorption of many other drugs.


ADEC category A. Safe for use in pregnancy.


Concentrations of Coloxyl found in breastmilk are usually insufficient to harm the infant


Only suitable after proper diagnosis and exclusion of more serious conditions. Incorrect usage of laxatives in children may lead to worsening of an existing condition (eg: appendicitis).

If you have any concerns, please speak with your doctor.

Schedule of Sennesoft

Unscheduled. Sennesoft is a complementary medicine or listed medicine in Australia.

Please note that the Product Information including information such as what a product should be used for, how it works, the dosage and relevant side effects is created by the company who makes the product. For registered medicines, the Product Information is carefully validated by the relevant Australian health authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). However, for complementary medicines the Product Information is NOT routinely checked by the TGA. Therefore it is important that you do NOT take any complementary medicine without first speaking with your doctor.

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Posted On: 22 July, 2003
Modified On: 17 August, 2017

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