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Generic Name: Sterculia
Product Name: Normafibe

Indication of Normafibe

Normafibe is a fibre supplement that may help in the treatment of mild to moderate constipation when dietary methods have proven unsuccessful.

Your doctor will be able to advise if this product is suitable for you. Consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

Action of Normafibe

Normafibe provides a fibre supplement. Fibre reaches the large intestine, without being digested or absorbed, where it acts to increase the bulk of the stool. This attracts water to the stool, which softens it and makes it easier to pass. The increased bulk also causes the intestinal walls to swell and thereby stimulate peristalsis. Bulking agents such as Normafibe are the only laxatives suitable for long-term use.

Dose advice of Normafibe

Dose information

  • 1-2 heaped 5 mL measuring spoonfuls 1-2 times daily after meals.

Always read the label. If you have any queries about the correct way to use this product, please ask your doctor. Individual results may vary.


  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Faecal impaction.

Specific considerations

  • Ensure adequate fluid intake;
  • Seek medical attention if Normafibe has not caused a bowel movement within 4 days.
  • Diabetics: The product contains sucrose.

If you have any concerns, please speak with your doctor.

Schedule of Normafibe

Unscheduled. Normafibe is a complementary medicine or listed medicine in Australia.

Please note that the Product Information including information such as what a product should be used for, how it works, the dosage and relevant side effects is created by the company who makes the product. For registered medicines, the Product Information is carefully validated by the relevant Australian health authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). However, for complementary medicines the Product Information is NOT routinely checked by the TGA. Therefore it is important that you do NOT take any complementary medicine without first speaking with your doctor.

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Posted On: 22 July, 2003
Modified On: 17 August, 2017

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