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Volunteers needed for national survey of chemotherapy side effects

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Researchers from the University of New South Wales are seeking people who have received neurotoxic chemotherapy (i.e. chemotherapy that can cause damage to the nerves) to take part in a national survey of cancer survivors.

After treatment for cancer, many cancer survivors are left with long-term side effects. These side effects can cause lasting disability, and decreased quality of life. Despite this, the impact of these side effects is poorly understood.

“Almost 1 in 2 Australians will receive a diagnosis of cancer at some point during their lives. Fortunately, cancer survival is increasing as treatments for cancer continue to improve. However, we need to be aware of the long-term side effects of cancer treatment in cancer survivors,” says principal investigator Dr Susanna Park.

“As an example, after treatment cancer survivors may experience chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. This is a form of nerve damage that occurs in the hands and feet. It has symptoms including numbness, pins and needles, or electric shock-like sensations, and can cause problems with balance or ability to feel and pick up objects.”

“Although we know that many cancer survivors are affected by side effects of cancer treatment such as neuropathy, we don’t have a full understanding of the impact of these symptoms on the lives of Australian cancer survivors. This study aims to give us a better picture of how these side effects affect the day to day lives of people who have received neurotoxic chemotherapy.”

The survey covers a range of topics, including cancer diagnosis and treatment, general health, treatment side effects, physical activity and quality of life. It is open to participants who have received chemotherapy that can cause nerve damage, and runs until 2018.

The online survey is anonymous, and takes around 35 minutes to complete. Paper copies are also available on request. To take part in the survey please go to the following website:

Or to find out more please email: or call Eva Battaglini on (02) 9385 8204.

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Posted On: 9 June, 2017
Modified On: 11 June, 2017


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