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Two minute workout

mountainbike couple outdoors
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Bike commuters can get a lot more out of a quick ride according to Dr Chris Abbiss.

For those riding to work or school, incorporating a two minute burst of high intensity pedalling is as beneficial as an entire 20 minute commute at a comfortable pace.

According to ECU physiologist Dr Chris Abbiss, research has shown that one to four minutes of intense exercise on an isolated muscle group – such as the legs – could be as beneficial as 30 to 60 minutes of whole body exercise.

“During a normal 20 min ride we may burn 400kJ (or 20kJ/min) however during high intensity exercise we may burn near 200kJ/min,” said Dr Abbiss.

It’s as simple as riding faster up that hill on your way to work or setting a short section to really ride faster.

The best part is that quick efforts will mean you won’t end up sweaty and uncomfortable when you arrive at your destination but will still have gained some real health benefits from the commute.

Dr Abbiss has also conducted research and written on the subject of efficient pedalling technique and the science of riding up hill.

(Source: ECU)

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Posted On: 3 April, 2014
Modified On: 16 September, 2014

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