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Study into DNA and skin cancer

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Queensland researchers have begun a new study that could help identify people who are at risk of developing skin cancer.

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology study the DNA from 1,000 people to find out what gives us our unique physical characteristics such as hair colour and skin type.

Dr Angela van Daal from QUT says it is hoped the results of the study will improve the ability to diagnose many medical conditions.

One possibility is the accurate identification of people vulnerable to diseases like skin cancer.

“That’s because they carry some of those DNA changes at the genes involved in determining hair colour and eye colour,” she said.

“If we can identify those, we can then test people and let them know they might be more prone to developing, say, skin cancer and they can obviously take extra precautions.”

(Source: ABC Online)

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Posted On: 6 December, 2002
Modified On: 6 December, 2013


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