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Low recurrence rate of breast cancer with Brachytherapy

Accelerated partial breast irradiation with Brachyltherapy yields a lower recurrence rate and spares much more of he breast and surrounding […]

Combination therapy with gemcitabine and epirubicin for advanced urothelial can…

Results of a study into combination therapy with gemcitabine and epirubicin appears to be a safe and effective treatment for […]

Highlights from the 8th Central European Lung Cancer Conference

The 8th Central European Lung Cancer Conference held this year in Vienna was organized by the Austrian Association for the […]

Light Therapy Helps Treat Prostate Cancer

A recent study by the University College London Hospital in the UK has added prostate cancer to the list of […]

Breast Conserving Therapy the Likely Option

Results of a study into the treatment of breast cancer has shown the majority of women with early stage breast […]

New triple regimen tested

The results of a study investigating the use of a new triple regimen, irinotecan, cisplatin and mitomycin (IPM), in patients […]

HRT safe for women with breast cancer

An Australian study has shown that it is safe for women who have had breast cancer to receive HRT without […]

Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Detection

Researchers from the Flinders University and Medical Centre have made a breakthrough in the detection of a rare form of […]

Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy Trial

Research has shown that for cancer patients with positive lymph nodes or positive surgical margins after mastectomy (or both), subsequent […]

Breast Self-Exam Not Effective in Reducing Mortality

An ongoing study has shown that more intensive teaching of breast self-examination (BSE) has showed to increase the rate of […]

Breast Cancer Gene Discovered

The absence of inactivity of a gene discovered by US scientists is believed to be associated with non-hereditary breast cancer. […]

Nobel Prize for Medicine Awarded to Cell Death Researchers

UK scientists Sydney Brenner and Sir John Sulston, will share the award with US scientist Robert Horvitz. They are being […]

SolarScan – Early warning of life-threatening skin cancers

A new system of detecting life-threatening melanomas is now available to all GP’s around the country. Australia’s incidence of skin...

Palliative Care – A Community Affair

This week is National Palliative care week (NPCW), 6th October to 12th October 2002. It is the national awareness week […]

Teen Smokers Risk Breast Cancer

Canadian researchers have completed a study finding that girls who start smoking in their early teens are two-thirds more likely […]