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Medical Indemnity

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Physicians Want Real Action From Governments on Medical Indemnity

Physicians Want Real Action From Governments on Medical IndemnityNo Government in Australia is yet providing the leadership needed to solve the medical indemnity crisis facing the health system. Dr Robin Mortimer, President, RACP said today “Governments collectively must work with medical organisations and health consumers to develop a lasting solution.””Although the Commonwealth and States have come a long way hard issues still need to be dealt with,” he said. “These rely on the States and Territories to complete the uniform reforms that they need to achieve.””We need to recognise that the pool of doctors is not big enough in Australia for multiple Medical Defence Organisations. And we need to recognise that because of this there has been market failure in this part of the insurance industry,” said Dr Mortimer.”Physicians call on the Commonwealth and the States and Territories to develop real reform proposals that meet the needs of patients and doctors. This means showing leadership in:developing an insurance market for all accidental injury in which medical injury would be one part;establishing a system of long term care through social security and health services for those with catastrophic injury regardless of cause;strengthening programs for quality and patient safety in a more open and transparent way that will lead to a change toward open disclosure;addressing tort law reform in a uniform way; andrecognising health consumers rights to appropriate compensation.” “No Government has yet got the right solution for health consumers or doctors,” said Dr Mortimer.”This College is prepared to work constructively with all Governments to get a real solution.” (Source: RACP, Media Release, May 2003)

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Posted On: 23 June, 2003
Modified On: 7 December, 2013


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