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First national patient-driven endometriosis forum

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The first-ever national public forum for doctors and patients to share perspectives of endometriosis will be held at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre on Saturday 16 May.

The patient-driven conference will feature 13 distinguished medical specialists, health professionals, scientists and academics sharing their knowledge and insights into the disease. Latest research and trends in treatment and self-management will be discussed.

One in 10 women and girls suffer endometriosis, which causes chronic pelvic pain and other debilitating symptoms, including infertility. The disease can take 7 years to diagnose, and it is estimated to cost Australia more than $7 billion annually.

University of Sydney’s Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham is among the high profile speakers presenting her latest research on the role of the immune system in endometriosis and infertility associated with the disease.

Dr Hey-Cunningham said: “We are beginning to understand immune-related contributions to endometriosis development, progression, and the common symptoms of pain and infertility. There are immune disturbances and inflammation in endometriosis, along with a known link to autoimmune diseases,” she said.

“Improved understanding of immune aspects of endometriosis will ultimately help to enable better management of the disease.”

Patients (consumers) are encouraged to attend the forum as well as health practitioners seeking to learn more about this often poorly understood but very common disease.

What: Endoactive National Endometriosis Conference
When: 9am – 5pm, Saturday 16 May 2015

(Source: The University of Sydney)

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Posted On: 12 May, 2015
Modified On: 26 May, 2015


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