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Falling Breast Cancer Rate

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A long-term study has found that less Australians are dying from breast cancer.

The Cancer Council of Australia has analysed data from the last 20 years and found a significant fall in the death rate from breast cancer, by more than 3% a year since 1995.

It has also shown that 84% of women are now surviving for five years or more after diagnosis.Professor Graham Giles, director of the Cancer Council Centre for Epidemiology, says it shows that breast cancer screening programs are working.

“Ten years ago when we were looking at trends of course we’d have to say that mortality had not diminished at all in living memory,” he said.

“Now we can say that over the last ten years mortality from breast cancer has declined quite substantively, and we think that’s really good news that women should know about.”

Click on the link above to find your nearest breast screening clinic and see how you can support National Breast Cancer Day.

(Source: ABC Online)

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Posted On: 28 October, 2002
Modified On: 3 December, 2013


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