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Easing anxiety through sharing

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SANE Australia has released a DVD providing valuable insight into what it’s like to live with an anxiety disorder, a condition which affects one in ten Australians.

The 30-minute DVD features people talking frankly about their experiences of anxiety disorders, how this affected their lives and how they have learned to manage their condition. The DVD is part of a new kit, which includes a booklet, the SANE Guide to Anxiety Disorders, offering explanations and coping strategies in everyday language.

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent form of mental illness and include panic, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders.

One of those on the DVD is Amber Pollock, who was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder in her late 20s. She says coping with her anxiety became easier once she started to share her experiences and seek treatment.

‘A panic attack is something that just happens, with no warning. I can be laughing, having a great time and in a matter of minutes I’m red-faced, nervous and my heart is racing,’ Amber says. ‘When my doctor told me a lot of people were dealing with anxiety, it made me feel I wasn’t alone.’

SANE Australia Executive Director Barbara Hocking says understanding anxiety disorders and their symptoms is an essential first step to recovery.

‘Anxiety disorders are treatable. The more we learn about and understand them, the better prepared we are to deal with them. In the DVD we hear directly from real people living with anxiety disorders. This is a great way for others to learn they are not the only ones, that there are effective ways to manage anxiety and lead a rewarding life,’ Ms Hocking said.

The Anxiety Disorders DVD Kit is the latest in a series released by SANE Australia in partnership with production company RealTime Health. Other topics previously covered are depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

(Source: SANE Australia: April 2008)

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Posted On: 24 April, 2008
Modified On: 16 January, 2014


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