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Do you suffer from back pain? It could be nerve related

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Lower back pain is common, and a financial burden to more than just the individual.

In 2001 approximately 65% who responded to an Australian mailed survey indicated they had experienced lower back pain in the previous six months. While the majority of pain experiences were described as low in either intensity and/or disability, 16% were experiencing high level of pain and/or high level of disability caused by their pain.

In the same year, the cost of lower back pain in Australia was estimated at $9.17 billion. Individuals, their families, employers, private insurers, and society in general are all affected by the high cost of back pain.

Some back pain is nerve related.  People with this type of back pain will commonly describe their pain as burning, stabbing, shooting, shock-like, over-sensitive, persistent, and or radiating. These symptoms are likely to be worse at night affecting sleep.

If you score 2 or more ‘Yes’ on the following self assessment questionnaire, talk to your doctor about whether you may have a nerve related back pain.

 1. Does the pain feel like pins and needles? Yes No
 2. Does the pain feel hot/burning?  Yes No
 3. Does the pain feel numb? Yes No
 4. Does the pain feel like electric shocks?   Yes No
 5. Is the pain worse with the touch of clothing/bedsheets? Yes No

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Posted On: 16 May, 2008
Modified On: 16 January, 2014


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