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Debunking cancer myths: Myth Number 6

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The myth: Cancer is always painful.

Some cancers never cause pain. Many advanced cancers certainly do cause pain, but over the past five to 10 years, doctors have become more aware of the need to control such pain and have learned better ways to manage it. Many newer pain medications are available to keep you comfortable, and strong pain medication is no longer withheld for fear you’ll become addicted. Although all pain may not be eliminated, it may be controlled to the point at which it has little to no impact on your day-to-day living.Watch out for Myth Number 7 same place, same time next week!(Source: Mayoclinic: Cancer Specialist Dr Timothy Moynihan: 3rd June 2003)

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Posted On: 16 June, 2003
Modified On: 3 December, 2013


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