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Debunking cancer myths: Myth Number 10

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The myth: Cancer is contagious.

There’s no need to avoid someone who has cancer. You can’t catch it. It’s okay to touch and spend time with someone who has cancer. In fact, your support may never be more valuable.Though cancer itself isn’t contagious, sometimes viruses, which are contagious, can lead to the development of cancer. Two common cancers caused by viruses are cervical cancer and liver cancer. Human papillomavirus (HPV) – a sexually transmitted disease – can cause cervical cancer. And hepatitis C – a virus transmitted through sexual intercourse or infected intravenous (IV) needles – can cause liver cancer, though only a small number of those with the virus will develop liver cancer.(Source: Mayoclinic: Cancer Specialist Dr Timothy Moynihan: 3rd June 2003)

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Posted On: 16 June, 2003
Modified On: 3 December, 2013


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