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CT Colonography Alternative For Older Patients Who “Can’t” Undergo Traditional Colonoscopy

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CT colonography (CTC) is well tolerated by older patients and is successful in imaging the entire colon, in the vast majority of patients, despite presence of diverticular disease and colonic redundancy, according to a study conducted by researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

“Many of the many referred for CTC were older patients who had experienced problems with conventional colonoscopy,” said Anna Lev-Toaff, MD, lead author of the study.The study consisted of 42 patients, age 60 and up. Twenty-nine percent of these patients were referred to CTC because conventional colonoscopy was contraindicated while 71% were referred because colonoscopy was incomplete, most commonly due to diverticular disease and colonic redundancy.According to the study, successful imaging of the entire colon was achieved in 90% of the patients and no complications were observed. As might be expected given the history in these older patients, 93% of the patients had positive findings on CTC such as: diverticular disease and one or more polyps. Extracolonic findings were also commonly identified, with 62% having findings that could require further radiologic investigation, follow-up or medical or surgical treatment was needed in 25% of the patients.”We were pleasantly surprised at the success rate in imaging the entire colon in these challenging patients,” said Dr. Lev-Toaff. “Additional imaging was often required to optimally image the colon, most commonly imaging while the patient is lying on the right side to distend the left colon,” she said.(Source: Thomas Jefferson University : June 2007.)

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Posted On: 2 June, 2007
Modified On: 16 January, 2014


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