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Canberra doctors trial herpes vaccine

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Researchers are inviting more than 100 Canberra girls to take part in a world-first trial of a new herpes vaccine.

Canberra specialists are taking part in the international research project, which will test the vaccine on women aged 10 to 17 who have not come in contact with the sexually transmitted disease.Professor Frank Bowden from the Australian National University’s medical school says the virus can cause dangerous complications including meningitis and it is more widespread than people believe.”In the Australian adult population, 10 per cent have been infected with herpes type 2,” he said.”That is, they have the virus that causes genital herpes – not 10 per cent will develop genital herpes. Only a small proportion of that 10 per cent will develop genital herpes but it tells you how prevalent the infection is.”If successful, the vaccine could herald a new era of protection against sexually transmitted diseases.Professor Bowden says the project is seeking young Canberra girls to trial the vaccine.”One hundred and four young women between the ages of 10 and 17,” he said.”They can’t take part in the study if they’ve ever had a cold sore or if they’ve ever had the hepatitis A vaccine.”But apart from that, any other young person who’s fit and well is eligible for the study.”(Source:ABC Health, Oct 2004)

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Posted On: 22 October, 2004
Modified On: 4 December, 2013

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