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Allergic To Travel? Asthma UK’s Top Tips For Safe Travel Abroad

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Relaxing and having fun on holiday is key to having a good time and you don’t need to change your travel plans if you have asthma, but good preparation is a must as seasonal changes can be a trigger for people with asthma.

When on holiday, a sudden change in weather or different triggers can instigate an asthma attack. Increased physical activity in an exceptionally hot and humid climate with high levels of pollution can also be problematic. However, you can prepare for most possibilities by finding out how you can get medical help from a local ambulance or doctor at your holiday destination, as well as asking your doctor, practice nurse or travel health clinic about vaccinations before you travel.Erica Evans, Asthma UK specialist nurse said: ‘Always try to think ahead and make preparations for your holiday which include looking after your health. For instance, it would be helpful to take a written record of your medical condition and the proper names – not just the trade names – of any medication you are taking. Keep this with you at all times.’You should also discuss a management plan with your doctor or asthma nurse before you go, so that even if your asthma is affected, it need not ruin your time away. Make sure you take enough inhalers with you, including spares and a rescue steroid course as part of your management plan. You can’t predict everything but forward planning is the key to a trouble free holiday.’Other precautions to take are:– Take out travel insurance to cover the costs of unexpected treatments while you are away. Check to ensure that your policy will cover asthma.– Take all your asthma medicines with you as hand luggage.– During recent tightening of security and hand baggage restrictions, the Department for Transport has advised that only essential prescription medicines for the duration of your flight (up to 100ml of liquid creams or gels and up to 100g of powder or tablets) can be taken on board.– Make sure you take enough inhalers and tablets with you to last the holiday plus a few extra days.(Source: Asthma UK : May 2007.)

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Posted On: 1 June, 2007
Modified On: 16 September, 2014


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