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Technology and Health

Adult Daughter And Senior Father Using Laptop At Home
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Video: Dr Joe explains the impact of technology

Video: TechnologyIt may be a cliché, but technology has changed our lives. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about the effect of technology on our health and wellbeing, including computers, mobile phones and the internet, and ways to reduce the negative effects on our lifestyles.

Watch the video Technology.

Technology and development

Gaming and childhood development

Gaming and childhood developmentThe potential harmful effects of gaming on lifestyle and behaviour in children of all ages need to be carefully monitored. In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of games, both console games and online games.

For more information, see Gaming and Childhood Development.

Television and childhood

Television and childhoodIn recent years, a number of programs have been introduced to television and DVDs which are specifically targeted at babies and toddlers. The effects of
television viewing on development in infants remain largely unknown,
although the detrimental effects of television and media exposure during childhood are well documented.

For more information, see Television and Childhood.

Social networking site use in teenagers

Social networking site use in teenagersThere has been an increase in the number of online social networking sites and traffic to these sites. Despite the large number of adults and children alike embracing these online sites, little research has been done, to date, to examine the potential adverse outcomes of such sites.

For more information, see Social Networking Site Use in Teenagers.

Office ergonomics

Preventing eye strain

Office ergonomics: Preventing eye strainComputers use in the office has increased markedly over the past two decades. This has resulted in an increase in health disorders associated with computer use, the most common of which are eye and vision problems. While these largely preventable eye health problems are usually temporary, they cause significant discomfort to computer users.

For more information, see Office Ergonomics: Preventing Eye Strain.

Tips for preventing muscle strain

Office ergonomics: Tips for preventing muscle strainComputers only require a very small range of movement but allow us to work faster and more efficiently. However, the human body is not designed for sitting at a computer workstation for long periods of time. This means that physical and psychosocial injuries are more likely to occur.

For more information, see Office Ergonomics: Tips for Preventing Muscle Strain.

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Posted On: 3 March, 2011
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