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SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulation)

doctor showing a model of the spine to a patient
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About spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulationSpinal cord stimulation is a type of neurostimulation. It is a procedure in which leads with strategically placed electrodes are inserted along the spinal cord, where they artificially stimulate the nerves supplying the painful areas. Spinal cord stimulation is most commonly used for the management of pain which is not due to cancer.

For more information, see Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

Video: Spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulationSpinal cord stimulation is a therapy used for chronic pain. Dr Marc Russo talks about how the therapy works, when it can be used, and the risks and benefits of using it.

Watch the video Spinal Cord Stimulation.

Spinal cord stimulation devices

Spinal cord stimulation devicesSpinal cord stimulation system devices consist of leads, a generator/receiver, and a programmer/transmitter. The leads are placed in the space above of the spinal column. The generator/receiver is also inserted under the skin. The programmer/transmitter are used to program the system and adjust the intensity of stimulation.

For more information, see Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices.

Conditions treated by spinal cord stimulation

Chronic non-cancer pain

Chronic painChronic pain is defined as pain that is present for more than three months, or for four weeks longer than would be expected as part of a normal recovery. The management of chronic pain can be difficult for both patients and doctors because it is often difficult to find an exact cause that can be treated leading to frustration from both groups.

For more information, see Treating Chronic Non-Cancer Pain.

Failed back surgery syndrome

Failed back surgery syndromeFailed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is characterised by continuing back and/or leg pain despite undergoing lower spinal surgery. FBSS is diagnosed when the outcome of such surgery does not meet the expectations of the patient or the surgeon that were outlined before the surgery.

For more information, see Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS).

Postherpetic neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgiaPostherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a condition where enduring pain continues after a case of shingles (herpes zoster) has cleared up. PHN occurs once the herpes zoster rash has healed and there is no inflammation remaining at the site of infection.

For more information, see Postherpetic Neuralgia.

Useful resources

Spinal cord stimulation news

NewsSee the latest news about spinal cord stimulation.

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