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Nutrition and the Body

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Anatomy related to nutrition

Gastrointestinal system

Gastrointestinal systemThe primary purpose of the gastrointestinal tract is to break food down into nutrients, which can be absorbed into the body to provide energy. The gastrointestinal tract is a hollow muscular tube starting from the oral cavity, where food enters the mouth, continuing through the pharynx, oesophagus, stomach and intestines to the rectum and anus, where food waste is expelled.

For more information, see Gastrointestinal System.


MetabolismMetabolism basically refers to all the chemical reactions within the body used to produce energy. It produces energy to perform all the functions of different tissues within the body. Metabolism works by breaking down foods in the diet or compounds in the body into their smaller components.

For more information, see Metabolism.

Renal system

Renal systemThe renal system consists of all the organs involved in the formation and release of urine. It includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Urine is produced by the body to rid it of unwanted waste substances.

For more information, see Renal System.

Nutrition for a healthy body


Nutrition and brain healthThe effects of different foods on our behaviour and cognitive performance have been known for years without needing to be examined closely – caffeine stimulates the brain, sugar makes kids hyper, and chocolate makes us all feel good. The brain is extremely active and demands a high percentage of the daily energy supplied by food.

For more information, see Nutrition and Brain Health.


Nutrition for healthy eyesThe eyes, like all other organs of the body, depend upon nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to maintain their health and proper function. Thus, the way an individual eats affects the health of their eyes.

For more information, see Nutrition for Healthy Eyes.


Nutrition for healthy skinMany people are concerned with not only their general health, but the health of their skin as well. Getting the best nutrition you can is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Though it is impossible to prevent skin ageing, good nutrition can help maintain an attractive complexion.

For more information, see Nutrition for Healthy Skin.


Semen analysisThe types and quantity of food a man eats affects his sperm production. Unhealthy eating patterns, including excessive total calorie intake and excessive fat and sugar intake, are associated with sub-optimal sperm production and/or infertility in men.

For more information, see Nutrition and Sperm Production.


Nutrition for healthy teethThe main cause of tooth loss is tooth decay (also known as dental caries) and one of the most significant factors in the start of tooth decay is what we eat. The diet we consume can also play a significant role in erosion of teeth as well as the development of defects in the tooth structure.

For more information, see Nutrition for Healthy Teeth.

More information

NutritionFor more information on nutrition, including information on types and composition of food, nutrition and people, conditions related to nutrition, and diets and recipes, as well as some useful videos and tools, see Nutrition.


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Posted On: 10 May, 2010
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