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Natural Contraception

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Fertility awareness methods

Fertility AwarenessFertility awareness contraceptive methods are methods of preventing pregnancy which rely on a woman monitoring her fertility throughout the menstrual cycle and avoiding sex on days of the cycle in which she is fertile.

For more information, see Fertility Awareness Methods.

Cervical mucus monitoring

Cervical Mucus MonitoringCervical mucus monitoring is a method of pregnancy prevention in which a woman monitors changes to her cervical mucus, in order to determine when she is and when she is not fertile. This enables her to abstain from sex or use another method of contraception in her fertile periods.

For more information, see Cervical Mucus Monitoring.

Calendar charting

Calendar ChartingCalendar based methods are pregnancy prevention methods which enable women to abstain from sex during the fertile days of their menstrual cycle. In order to use this method a woman must monitor the length of her menstrual cycle and track the progress through each cycle (e.g. by marking off the days on a calendar), in order to identify her fertile times.

For more information, see Calendar Based Methods.

Basal body temperature monitoring

BBT MonitoringBasal body temperature monitoring is a contraceptive method which relies on the woman recording her daily temperature measurements on a chart to determine the periods of her menstrual cycle when she is and is not fertile.

For more information, see Basal Body Temperature Monitoring.  

Other contraceptive methods 

ContraceptionFor more information on different types of contraception, male and female anatomy and related health issues, see Contraception.

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