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Life After Childbirth

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Postpartum haemorrhage

Postpartum  haemorrhagePostpartum haemorrhage is vaginal blood loss in excess of 500ml following childbirth. Where this blood loss occurs in the first 24 hours following delivery, this is termed primary postpartum haemorrhage. Secondary postpartum haemorrhage is excessive vaginal bleeding between 24 hours and six weeks following child birth.

For more information, see Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH).


BreastfeedingDuring pregnancy, the mother’s breasts develop the capacity to produce milk. Breastfeeding provides nourishment to an infant. Breastfeeding helps develop the infant’s immune system and provides perfect nutrition. At least 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding is currently recommended.

For more information, see Breastfeeding.

Sexuality after childbirth

Sexuality after childbirthHormone levels change after childbirth, and women experience new emotions, demands and responsibilities. This can influence how much women feel like having sex, how often they have it, and how much they enjoy it. Men experience lifestyle changes which can influence their sex drive after their partner gives birth.

For more information, see Sexuality After Childbirth.

Postnatal depression

Postnatal depressionThe first month after the delivery of a baby is a time of major changes for women. Hormones and weight are rapidly readjusting, lifestyles and relationships are changing, and the baby needs constant attention. All of these factors can contribute to postnatal depression and mood swings.

For more information, see Postnatal Depression.

Video: Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression videoDr Joe Kosterich talks about postpartum (postnatal) depression, its symptoms and what sets it apart from ‘baby blues’, risk factors, and things you can do to treat baby blues or postpartum depression.

Watch a video about postnatal depression.

More information

PregnancyFor more information about pregnancy, including preconception advice, stages of pregnancy, investigations, complications, living with pregnancy and birth, see Pregnancy.


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Posted On: 24 June, 2010
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