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Health over the Festive Season

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Safe sex, alcohol and the work Christmas party

Christmas partyThe festive season is, for many, a time to let their hair down and have a few drinks after a hard year’s work. The work Christmas party can be a highlight of the festive social calendar, not only because the boss picks up the bill, but also because it’s a rare chance to socialise and get to know colleagues in a more relaxed and personal environment. With all that mistletoe floating around it can sometimes get a lot more personal than planned.

For more information, see Safe Sex, Alcohol and the Work Christmas Party.

Medication and the festive season

Medication and the festive seasonThe festive season can be a busy time of the year for most families. While squeezing in those last minute jobs, it is important not to forget our daily routines and remember to take your medication. If you are going away for the holidays, make sure you have an adequate supply of your medications.

For more information, see Medication and the Festive Season.

Avoiding stress over the festive season

Avoiding stress over the festive seasonThe festive season is a time when many people are busy enjoying time with friends and family, however it can also be a stressful time for many people. Remember the year the in-laws arrived on the doorstep unannounced? There are many ways individuals can avoid stress and also ways in which they can help their loved ones to remain stress-free.

For more information, see Avoiding Stress over the Festive Season.

Diet over the festive season

Diet and the festive seasonThe festive season is a time when we get together with family and friends, and often have more social gatherings than at other times of the year. Invariably getting together involves eating, and sometimes consuming excessive amounts of food or excessive amounts of unhealthy foods.

For more information, see Diet over the Festive Season.

Alcohol consumption and the festive season

Alcohol and the festive seasonThe festive season in Australia is a time when people gather amongst family and friends and many enjoy a few alcoholic drinks around the barbeque or at the beach. However, at this time of year there are many social gatherings and it can be easy to over-indulge.

For more information, see Drinking Alcohol Safely in the Festive Season.

Exercise during the festive season

Exercise during the festive seasonOnce festive season parties and celebrations begin, it is all too easy to swap 30 minutes of exercise for an extra drink at the bar. While letting your hair down for a couple of days will not do you any harm, when this extends from early December to well into the New Year it can become a problem.

For more information, see Exercise During the Festive Season.

Sleep and rest over the festive season

Sleep and rest over the festive seasonMany people will find themselves burnt out after the festive season instead of refreshed and ready for another working year. It is very important to use the time you have off work to revitalise yourself, relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

For more information, see Sleep and Rest over the Festive Season.

Health in the New Year

Health in the New Year
For more information on staying healthy in the New Year, including tips on diet, partying, exercise and general health, see Health in the New Year.

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Posted On: 15 December, 2009
Modified On: 30 March, 2017


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