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dairy products
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Dairy products

Dairy productsThe consumption of milk products needs to be encouraged, especially among children and adolescents, who are building their peak bone mass and are also developing lifelong habits. There are almost as many misconceptions about milk as there are benefits.

For more information on the condition, see Milk and Milk Products (Dairy Products).

Video: Nutrition and bone health

Nutrition and bone health videoMore than half of Australian teenagers aren’t receiving their daily calcium requirements. Professor Weaver discusses health problems associated with calcium deficiency and strategies for improving nutrition.

Watch the video Nutrition and Bone Health.

Video: Diet and metabolic syndrome

Diet and metabolic syndrome videoMetabolic syndrome can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Clinical dietitian Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos discusses ways to identify if you have metabolic syndrome, ways to prevent it, and tips on healthy eating.

Watch the video Diet and Metabolic Syndrome.

Tool: Calcium intake calculator

Calcium Intake Calculator
How much calcium do you consume?
Is this for a male, female or infant?
Male Female Infant
What is your age in years?
Food SourceAmountCalcium (mg)Number of Serves

Dairy beverages

Milk- cow‘s (reduced fat 1.5%)250ml263
Milk- cow‘s (regular fat)250ml245
Milk- cow‘s, chocolate flavoured (calcium enriched)250ml500
Milk- cow‘s, flavoured250ml283
Milk- cow‘s, liquid (reduced fat 1.5%)250ml352
Milk- cow‘s, liquid (reduced fat 2.5%, calcium enriched)250ml500
Milk- cow‘s, liquid (regular fat, vitamin enriched)250ml367.5
Milk- cow‘s, powdered (regular)100 grams875
Milk- cow‘s, powdered (skim)100 grams1250
Milk- evaporated (full cream)250ml638
Milk evaporated (skim <0.5% fat)250ml615

Dairy substitute beverages

- Chocolate, regular1(300ml) carton334
- Chocolate, reduced fat250ml352


Milk- goat‘s, powdered100 grams978
Milk- goat‘s, liquid250ml275
Milk- rice (calcium enriched)250ml315
Milk- sheeps- liquid250ml483
Milk- soy (flavoured)250ml293
Milk- soy (reduced fat)250ml302
Milk- soy- unflavoured (full cream, calcium enriched)250ml400
Milk- soy- unflavoured (reduced fat <0.5%, calcium enriched)250ml340
Milk- soy- unflavoured (reduced fat 1.5%, calcium enriched)250ml340


- Cheddar40g310
- Edam40g360
- Parmesan40g460

Ice cream

- regular100g119
- low fat100g146


- Beef, Steak grilled100g6
- Lamb Chop, midloin, grilled100g8


- roasted/skin100g13
- roasted/no skin100g14


Salmon - grilled100g21
Eggs - boiled1 large25
Apricots- dried50g33
Baked Beans1/2 cup47
Apples1 medium8
Oranges1 medium38
Bread- wholemeal1 slice24
Total calcium for other foods not listed above 

How much calcium do you need daily to maintain good health?


You need to increase your calcium intake by mg to meet your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of mg.


This is a healthy amount of calcium when compared to your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of mg.


The upper limit of daily calcium intake is 2,500mg. Speak to your doctor or health professional on how to cut down your intake to the appropriate level.


Up until 6 months of age infants should be fed only breast milk or infant formula.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.@AUSNUT 2007- Australian Nutrition Reference Database. 2007. (cited April 7, 2011) Available from:


This calculator includes a small number of foods that are rich calcium sources, or that are commonly eaten. While the calculator may give an estimate of your calcium intake, it should not be relied upon for an accurate assessment of dietary calcium intake. For a comprehensive dietary assessment, see an Accredited Practising Dietitian. This information will be collected for educational purposes, however it will remain anonymous.

More information

For more information on nutrition, including information on types and composition of food, nutrition and people, conditions related to nutrition, and diets and recipes, as well as some useful videos and tools, see Nutrition.

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