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Virtual Medical Centre – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Peter Bremner
Institution:Mount Medical Centre
Job Title:Respiratory Specialist
Qualifications:FRACP MD MBChB FACCP
Name:Dr Nick De Felice
Institution:Virtual Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Medical Director
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCP
Name:Dr Andrew Dean
Institution:St John of God Hospital WA
Qualifications:MBChB, MRCP(UK), FRACP
Name:Dr Clay Golledge
Institution:Microbiology & Infectious Diseases PathCentre WA
Qualifications:BSc(Med), MBBS(Hons), MRCP, FRCPA, FACTM, DTM&H
Name:Dr Roger Goucke
Institution:Hollywood Specialist Centre WA
Job Title:Consultant in Pain Medicine
Name:Prof Jeffrey Hamdorf
Institution:St John of God Hospital and Professor
Job Title:General Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS; PhD; FRACS
Name:Prof Graeme Hankey
Job Title:Medical Director of Neurology
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Lond)
Name:Dr Andrew McQuillan
Institution:Fremantle Hospital, WA
Job Title:Hematologist
Name:Dr Donald G. Ormonde
Institution:St John of God Health Care, WA
Job Title:Medical Director
Qualifications:MB BS PhD FRACP
Name:Dr Paul Snelling
Institution:Department of Nephrology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NSW
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:FRACP, MBBS
Name:A/Prof Rob Will
Institution:Metabolic Bone & Musculoskeletal Diseases Research Unit
Qualifications:MBBS; FRACP


Name:Dr Steve Ackland
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology, Newcastle Maternity Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Rick Acland
Institution:Burwood Hospital
Job Title:Rehabilitation Doctor
Name:Dr Philip Adams
Name:Dr Ross Agnello
Institution:Osborne Park Hospital
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCO
Name:A/Prof Michael Ahern
Institution:Repatriation General Hospital
Job Title:Head of Rheumatology
Name:Dr Heinz Albrecht
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital QLD
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Qualifications:DipMentH, MD
Name:Dr William Alexander
Institution:Peninsula Eye Hospital
Job Title:Specialist Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBChB (Univ. Aberdeen); DA; FRCS; FRCOphth
Name:Dr Samsher Ali
Name:Dr Sayed Ali
Institution:Liverpool HospitalOncology
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Prof Per Alm
Institution:Lund University, Sweden
Name:Dr Noel Alpins
Institution:New Vision Clinics
Job Title:Ophthalmologist / Medical Director
Qualifications:MBBS, DO, FRACO, FRACS, FRCOpth
Name:Dr Anthony Alvaro
Institution:Neurology Department, Fremantle Hospital WA
Name:Prof Craig Anderson
Institution:Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Director, Neurological & Mental Health Division Professor of Stroke Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience
Name:Dr Paul Anderson
Institution:Director of the Ashford Surgical Obesity Centre
Job Title:General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Qualifications:MBChB FRACS FRCS(Edin) PhD
Name:Dr Vikija Andersons
Institution:Ashford Advanced Eye Care
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACS, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Colin J Andrews
Institution:Canberra Specialist Centre, ACT
Name:Dr John S Archer
Institution:Austin Health, The University of Melbourne VIC
Job Title:Senior Lecturer Medicine
Name:Dr Sharyn Armstrong
Name:Dr Glenys P Arthur
Institution:Southern Cross Specialists Centre, Southern Cross Hospital, NZ
Job Title:Neurologist
Qualifications:MB, ChB, FRACP, FACRM, FAFRM
Name:Ms Rozhin Asghari
Institution:Pain Management Reasearch Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Michelle Atchinson
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr John Atherton
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD
Name:Robert Athey
Name:Dr Leigh Atkinson
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Name:Dr Kirsten A Auret
Institution:Palliative Medicine Specialist Service, Hollywood Private Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Nader Awad
Institution:Urology Centre, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Koya Ayonrinde
Job Title:Fremantle Hospital
Name:A/Prof Deborah Bailey
Institution:Pacific Private Clinic
Job Title:Paediatric Surgeon
Qualifications:FRACS (Paed) MBBS
Name:Dr Rob Baird
Institution:Melbourne Pathology
Job Title:Director of Microbiology- Infectious Disease Physician/Microbiologist
Qualifications:MB BS FRACP (Infectious Diseases) FRACPA (Microbiology)
Name:Prof Richard Bakemeier
Institution:University of Colorado, USA
Job Title:University Faculty Council
Name:Dr Chandrashekar Balachandran
Institution:Macquarie University, Eye Smile
Job Title:Ophthalmologist – Clinical Senior Lecturer
Qualifications:MBBS (Hons) (Syd), PhD, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Ross Balson
Institution:Box Hill Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Consultant Gastroenterologist
Name:Dr Peter Bampton
Institution:Gastroenterology Department, Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Peter Alan Barber
Name:Dr Edward Barin
Institution:The Medical Practice G3D, NSW
Name:Dr Simon Bariol
Job Title:Urological Surgeon
Name:A/Prof David Barnes
Institution:RPAH Medical Centre
Qualifications:MBBS (Hons) FRAZP, FCCP
Name:Dr Sally Baron-Hay
Institution:Mater Medical Centre NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Gavin Barr
Name:Prof Michael Barton
Institution:Liverpool Health Service, NSW
Job Title:Conjoint Associate Professor
Name:Dr Guy Bashford
Institution:Port Kembla Hospital, Illawarra Pain Management Service
Job Title:Director, Rehabilitation specialist, Clinical Associate Prof.
Name:Dr Guy Bashford
Institution:Port Kembla Hospital, Illawarra Pain Management Service
Job Title:Director, Rehabilitation specialist, Clinical Associate Prof
Name:Dr Siva Baskaranathan
Name:Dr Gedal Basman
Job Title:Drug Information Pharmacist
Name:Dr Mark Bassett
Name:Robert Batey
Institution:John Hunter Hospital
Name:Dr Max Baumwol
Institution:The Leederville Clinic, WA
Name:Dr Mike Beame
Name:Dr Lutz Beckert
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Prof Lawrie Beilin
Institution:University Of Western Australia
Name:A/Prof Richard Bell
Institution:Barwon Health, The Geelong Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Associate Prof at Andrew Love Cancer Centre
Name:Dr Mattias Belting
Institution:Lund University, Sweden
Name:Dr John Beltrame
Institution:Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus SA, Cardiology Unit
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Medicine
Name:Dr Jocelyne Benatar
Institution:Cardiovascular Research Unit, Greenlane Clinical Centre NZ
Job Title:Research Doctor
Name:Dr Susan Benson
Institution:St John Of God Hospital Subiaco
Job Title:Infectious Diseases & Medical Micro Biologist
Name:Dr Roy G Beran
Name:Dr Daniel Berge
Job Title:Specialist Anesthetist
Name:Dr Tom Berrigan
Institution:St Charles Gardner Hospital
Name:A/Prof Andrew Biankin
Institution:Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW
Qualifications:B Med Sc MBBS PhD
Name:Dr Peter Black
Institution:Department of Medicine, University of Auckland NZ
Qualifications:MB ChB, FRACP
Name:Dr Chris Blackwell
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr George Blair-West
Job Title:Psychiatrist Director and Spokesperson Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society
Name:Dr David Blakey
Institution:Peter MacCallum Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Robert Blum
Institution:Bendigo Health Care Group, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Prof Lesley Bokey
Institution:Department of Colon & Rectal Surgery, Concord Hospital, NSW
Name:Prof Terry Bolin
Institution:Gastrointestinal Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Steven Bollipo
Institution:Launceston General Hospital, TAS
Name:Dr Anthony Bonaventura
Institution:Department Medical Oncology, Newcastle Mater Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Rodney Bond
Institution:Haemotology Oncology Palliative Care, Marian House, St John of God, VIC
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Karyn Boundy
Name:Dr Stephen Bourne
Institution:John Flynn Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Jeff Bowden
Institution:Respiratory Unit, Department of Medicine, Flinders Medical Centre
Name:Dr Joanne Bowen
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Malcolm Bowman
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital
Job Title:Rehabilitation – Staff Specialist
Name:Dr Geoffrey Boyce
Name:Dr Michael Boyer
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Fran Boyle
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology , Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Name:Dr Julie Bradley
Institution:Calvary Cardiology, SA
Name:Dr Pamela Bradshaw
Institution:University of Western Australia School of Population Health, WA
Job Title:Research Fellow
Name:Dr Brian Bramston
Institution:St John of God Hlth Care Clin
Name:Prof Bruce Brew
Institution:Dept of Neurology, St Vincents Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Head of Department
Name:Dr Tom Briffa
Institution:Curtin University of Technology Heart Foundation, WA
Job Title:CVD Advocate
Name:Dr Martin Brigden
Name:Dr Divina Brillante
Institution:The St. George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Pharmacology
Name:A/Prof Norman Broadhurst
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre SA, Department of Orthopedics
Name:Dr Thomas Brodribb
Institution:Toowoomba Base Hospital
Job Title:Rheumatologist
Name:Mr Andrew Brooks
Institution:Westmead Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Pia Brous
Name:Dr Steven Brown
Institution:St. Vincent’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne, VIC
Job Title:Gastroenterologist and Senior Lecturer
Name:Dr Fiona Bruce
Name:Dr Geoff Bryant
Name:Dr David Buchanan
Institution:Fremantle Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Martin Buck
Institution:Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Jonathon Burdon
Institution:Mercy Private Hospital Consulting Suites
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FCCP, FACLM, Grad Dip Health and Med Law
Name:Dr Richard Burnet
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital
Name:Dr Ivon Burns
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Benjamin Burt
Institution:Bendigo Eye Clinic / Canberra Oculoplastics
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCO, FACS
Name:Dr Ross Butler
Institution:Gastroenterology Unit, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Ian Buttfield
Job Title:Specialist Physician
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRACMA
Name:Dr Sean Bydder
Institution:Alfred Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr David Byrnes
Institution:Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre, St Vincents Clinic, NSW
Name:Prof Lesley Cala
Institution:Australian Research Centre for Medical Engineering, WA
Name:Dr Don Cameron
Institution:Children’s Specialist Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Alistair Cameron Strange
Institution:Prince of Wales Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Graeme Campbell
Job Title:Surgeon
Name:Dr Joseph Canalese
Name:Dr David Carey
Institution:Brisbane Metabolic Institute
Job Title:Endocrinology
Qualifications:BSc MBBS FRACP PhD
Name:Dr Ian Carney
Institution:Frankston Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Linda Cass
Qualifications:FANZCA, MBBS
Name:A/Prof Tony Catto-Smith
Institution:Dept of Gastroenterology & Clinical Nutrition, Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Director of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition
Name:Dr Rajeev Chalasani
Institution:Westmead Hospital Sydney; Strathfield Retina Clinic
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:BSc(Med), MBBS(Hons), MBiomedE, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Jonathon Chalk
Institution:Dept of Medicine, University of Queensland, QLD
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Medicine
Name:Prof Robert Chamberlain
Institution:MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Name:A/Prof Brian R Chambers
Institution:Diamond Valley Specialist Centre, VIC
Name:A/Prof Geoffrey David Champion
Institution:St Vincent’s Clinic NSW
Name:Dr Andrew Chancellor
Name:Dr Suchitra Chandar
Institution:Heart Failure Clinic, Concord Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Cardiologist
Name:David Chapman
Institution:Top End mental health service
Name:Dr Sue Chapman
Institution:St John of God Hospital, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Asthika Charawanamuttu (Chara)
Institution:Primary Health Care Bankstown
Job Title:Medical Specialist or Specialist Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS (Ceylon), DO (London), FRCSEd, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi
Institution:Head and Neck Service, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Qualifications:Assistant Professor
Name:Dr James (Son) Chau-Vo
Institution:Bankstown Hospital; South Western Eye Care
Job Title:Senior Lecturer University of NSW; Director of South Western Eye Care
Qualifications:MBBS Syd (Hons), FRANZCO
Name:Dr Chirapan Chawantanpipat
Name:A/Prof Fred Chen
Institution:Lions Eye Institute
Job Title:Consultant Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCO, PhD
Name:Dr John Wei Chung Chen
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Kenneth Chen
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital
Name:Dr Robert Chen
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Surgeon
Name:Dr Simon Chen
Institution:Vision Eye Institute – Chatswood
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, BSc(Biomed), FRCOphth, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Wendy Cheng
Institution:Mercy Liver Service, Mercy Endoscope Service, WA
Name:Dr Kew Kim Chew
Institution:Keogh Institute for Medical Research
Job Title:Senior Clinical Fellow & Clinical Specialist Male Sexual Dysfunction
Qualifications:MBBS FRCP Edin FRCP Glasg
Name:Dr Angela Chia
Institution:Royal Melbourne Hospital
Job Title:Pain Fellow
Name:Dr Hung Chieng
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, MRCP, DCH.
Name:Dr Michael Chilov
Institution:Retina Associates; Eastern Suburbs Retina
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MPH, Boptom, MBBS, FRANZCO
Name:Dr George Chin
Institution:Renal Unit, Fremantle Hospital WA
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS (WA), FRACP
Name:Dr Andre Chong
Institution:Bankstown-Lidcombe Hosp
Job Title:Gastroenterologist
Name:Dr Clara Chow
Institution:The George Institute Cardiac and Renal Division, NSW
Name:Dr Kong Chung
Name:Dr Flavia Ciccuttini
Institution:Monash University and Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Stephen Clarke
Institution:Concord Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Professor of Medicine
Name:Dr Laurence Clemens
Institution:The Medical Centre
Name:Dr Phillip Clifton-Bligh
Institution:Department of Endocrinology, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Gary Clothier
Institution:Northcare Physiotherapy Sports Injuries & Rehab Centre
Job Title:Consultant in Rehabilitation & Pain Medicine
Name:Dr Toby Patrick Coates
Institution:Department of Nephrology and Transplant Services, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital SA
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, PhD
Name:Dr Malcom Cochran
Institution:Endocrine Bone and Diabetes Centre SA
Name:Dr Andrew Cochrane
Institution:Department of Cardiac Surgery, Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Geoffrey Coggins
Name:Dr Leon Cohen
Institution:Mercy Bariatrics
Job Title:Bariatric Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS FRCS FRACS
Name:Dr Pauline Colill
Name:Dr Ann Collins
Institution:Westmead Hospital
Job Title:Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Qualifications:BDS, MDS, LDSRCS, FRACDS, FRACDS(OMS), DipHlthLaw
Name:Dr Brendan Collins
Name:Dr Marg Constantine
Name:A/Prof R. Conway
Institution:The University of Sydney
Job Title:Ophthalmic Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRANZCO
Name:Dr David Cook
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Penelope Coombes
Name:Dr John Copp
Institution:Tri Rhosen House, QLD
Name:Dr John L Corbett
Name:Dr FT Cordingley
Institution:St John of God Hospital WA, Pathology.
Job Title:Oncologist.
Name:Dr Mark Cornwell
Institution:Lismore Base Hospital, NSW
Name:Prof Anthony Costello
Institution:The Epworth Centre, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Michael John Cousins
Institution:Pain Management Research Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Name:Dr James Cowlishaw
Name:Dr Paul Cozzi
Institution:St George Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Philip Craig
Institution:St George Private Medical Centre, NSW
Name:Dr Meredith Craigie
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre SA
Job Title:Consultant Anesthetic
Qualifications:MBBS BMedSc MM(PM)
Name:Dr Michael Crawford
Institution:V.M.O. Upper G.I. And Liver Transplant, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Ronald Criddle
Name:Dr Luca Crostella
Institution:Mercy Medical Centre, WA
Name:Prof Maria Crotty
Institution:Repatriation General Hospital Flinders University
Job Title:Rehabilitation and Aged Care Director of Rehabilitation
Name:Dr David Curran
Name:Dr Rahim Daneshjoo
Institution:Nepean Private Specialist Centre, NSW
Qualifications:MD, FRACP
Name:Dr Graham Dark
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Name:A/Prof Patricia Davidson
Institution:University of Western Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Associate Professor of Nursing
Name:A/Prof Leo Davies
Institution:Department of Neurophysiology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Lloyd Davis
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Westmead Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Electrophysiology
Name:Dr Andrew Day
Institution:Pediatric Gastroenterology, Sydney Children’s Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Richard de Boer
Institution:Department of Clinical Haematology and Medical Oncology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital Grattan St VIC
Job Title:Consultant Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Jean-Louis de Sousa
Institution:Lions Eye Institute
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS (Hons), FRANZCO
Name:Dr Paul de Souza
Institution:St George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, BSc(Med), FRACP, MPH
Name:Dr Jakob de Vries
Institution:Division of Surgical Oncology, University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands
Job Title:Surgical Oncologist
Name:Dr Brian De’Ambrosis
Institution:South East Dermatology Pract
Name:Dr Thomas Dean
Institution:San Clinic, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Vicki Degotardi
Name:Dr Robert Delcanho
Institution:St John of God Medical Centre
Job Title:Pain Specialist
Qualifications:BDSc MS Cert Orofacial Pain FFPMANZCA
Name:Dr Barbara Demediuk
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Name:Prof Jim Denham
Institution:Newcastle Mater Hospital and University of Newcastle, NSW
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Sunalene Devadason
Institution:University Department of Pediatrics, Princess Margaret Hospital WA
Qualifications:BSc (Hon), PhD
Name:Dr Martin Devereaux
Institution:McCullough Specialist Centre
Name:Mrs Larene Deviti
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Joanna Dewar
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Terrence Diamond
Institution:Department of Endocrinology, St George Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Christopher FA Dibden
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre, SA
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Simon Dimmitt
Institution:St John of God Healthcare, WA
Name:Dr Lachlan Dodds
Institution:Ballarat Urology Clinic, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Michael Donovan
Institution:Nambour General Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Lloyd Dorrington
Name:A/Prof Robert Doughty
Institution:Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Unit Univetsity of Auckland, NZ
Job Title:Associate Professor in Cardiology
Name:Dr Anthony Dowling
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Gary Dowse
Institution:Health Department
Job Title:Head of Infections – Medical Epidemiologist
Name:Dr John Dowsett
Name:Dr Kate Drummond
Institution:Department of Neurosurgery, The Royal Melbourne Hospital , VIC
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Name:Dr Wendyl D’Souza
Institution:The Department of Neurology & Neurological Research, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, VIC
Name:Dr Xiao-Jun Du
Institution:Experimental Cardiology Laboratory, Baker Heart Research Institute, VIC
Job Title:Senior Research Fellow Head of Experimental Cardiology Lab
Qualifications:MBBS, MMed, PhD
Name:Prof Frank Dudley
Institution:Gastroenterology Dept, The Alfred, VIC
Name:Dr Anne Duggan
Institution:Gastro Department, John Hunter Hospital, NSW
Job Title:gastroenterologist
Name:Dr Peter Duke
Job Title:retired ophthalmologist
Name:Dr Vic Duncombe
Name:Dr Scott Dunlop
Job Title:Pediatrician
Qualifications:MBBS BSc(med) FRACP
Name:Dr Paul Dunn
Name:Dr Ranganathan Dwarakanathan
Institution:Department of Renal Medicine, Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital
Job Title:Senior Staff Nephrologist
Qualifications:DM, FRCP, FRACP
Name:Dr Amarash Dyanandan
Institution:Singapore Hospital
Name:Prof Mervyn Eadie
Name:Dr Robert Eaves
Name:Dr Jack Edelman
Institution:Subiaco Rheumatology
Name:Dr Looi Ee
Institution:Royal Children’s Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Garry Egger
Institution:Centre for Health Promotion and Research
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MPh PhD MAPS
Name:Dr David Eisinger
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Tony Eldridge
Institution:BDS; GDip Clin Dent; MSc Med /Pain Management
Job Title:Dentist
Name:Dr Katherine Ellard
Name:Elizabeth Elliot
Institution:Westmead Children’s Hospital, Dept of Pediatrics&Child Health
Name:Dr Vinod Elte
Institution:Eastern Heart Clinic, Elsevier Australia, NSW
Job Title:Publisher and General Manager Pharmaceutical
Name:Prof Zoltan Endre
Institution:University of Otago
Job Title:Professor and Head
Qualifications:MB, BS, BSc(med), PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Jeffrey Engelman
Name:Dr Guy Eslick
Institution:Nepean Hospital, C.S.B, NSW
Name:Dr Vanessa Estall
Institution:Liverpool Hospital NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Nicholas Etumoryee
Institution:Lira Hospital Uganda
Name:Dr Susan Evans
Institution:Endometriosis Care Centre Australia
Name:Dr Peter Fanning
Name:Dr Mark Faragher
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Kingsley Faulkner
Institution:St John of God Health Care Clinic, WA
Name:A/Prof Steven Faux
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
Job Title:Director of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine
Name:A/Prof Steven Faux
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
Job Title:Director of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicin
Name:Mr Malcolm Fawcett
Institution:Cardiology Research, Bedford Park SA
Job Title:Study Co-ordinator
Name:Dr Michael Fay
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, VIC
Name:A/Prof Nick Fazzalari
Institution:Divison of Tissue Pathology,Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, SA
Name:Dr Malcolm Feigen
Institution:Radation Oncology Centre, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Senior Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCR, BSc(Med)
Name:Dr J Fellows-Smith
Name:Prof Paolo Ferrari
Institution:Fremantle Hospital, Alma Street Clinic
Job Title:Consultant
Name:Dr Ronald D Fine
Name:A/Prof Leon Flicker
Institution:Geriatric Medicine,University of Western Australia, WA
Name:Dr Gerald Fogarty
Name:Dr Christopher Fong
Institution:Cedar Court Health South
Name:Dr John Christopher Ford
Job Title:general cardiologist
Name:Dr Lorna Fox
Institution:Taranaki Base Hospital
Job Title:Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia
Qualifications:FRCA FFPMANZCA
Name:Dr Philippa Frances
Institution:Austin Health, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, Repatriation Hospital, Vic
Name:Dr Hilton Francis
Institution:Hilton Francis & Associates
Name:Dr Kaye Frankcom
Name:Dr Mark Fraundorfer
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Peter French
Job Title:VMO
Name:Dr Wayne Friedman
Institution:The Digestive Health Centre, VIC
Name:Prof Peter Frith
Institution:Respiratory Department, Repatriation General Hospital, SA
Qualifications:MB BS FRACP
Name:Dr Victor Fung
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre, NSW
Job Title:Director of Movement Disorders Unit
Name:Dr Eli Gabbay
Institution:Virtual Medical Centre, WA
Name:Chris Gale
Institution:Dept Psychological Medicine Otago
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Prof Richard Gallagher
Institution:Dept of Family Medicine, Wayne State University, USA
Job Title:Professor and Director of the Division of Medical Education
Qualifications:MA PhD
Name:Dr Atonio Garcia
Institution:Private Practice
Job Title:Orofacial pain specialist/ Dentist
Name:Dr Saman Gardiya Punchihewa
Name:Dr Mervyn H Garrett
Qualifications:MBBS, FACNEM
Name:Dr Robin Geddes
Name:Dr Charles George
Institution:Department of Renal Medicine, Concord Hospital NSW
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:BA(Hons), MB, BS, MSC, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Jacob George
Institution:Storr Liver Unit, Dept. of Medicine, Westmead Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Mathew George
Institution:Royal Darwin Hospital
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Lefebure Gerarb
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:Dr Richard Gerraty
Name:Dr Geoffrey Gibson
Name:Dr David Gilbert
Institution:Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Peter Gilling
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Paul Glare
Institution:Sloan Kettering Cancer Care Centre, New York
Name:Dr Mark Glaser
Name:Dr Paul Glendenning
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital WA, Clinical Biochemistry
Qualifications:MBChB, BSc, MAACB, PhD, FRCPA, FRACP
Name:Dr C Gnanaharan
Name:Prof Colin S Goodchild
Institution:Anesthetics, Monash Medical Centre
Name:Dr Sumana Gopinath
Name:Mr Neil SI Gordon
Institution:Cairns Urology, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Qualifications:MBBS(Melb), FRCS(Glasg), FRCSEd, FRACS, FICS
Name:Dr Ian Gotis-Graham
Name:Dr Tom Gottleib
Institution:Concord Hospital NSW – Microbiology Dept
Name:Dr Roger Goucke
Institution:Hollywood Specialist Centre
Job Title:Consultant in Pain Medicine
Name:Dr Stewart Graham
Name:Dr Keith Grainger
Job Title:Neurologist
Name:Dr Douglas Gray
Name:Dr Hugh Greville
Institution:Chest Clinic, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Qualifications:MBBS BMed Sci FRACP
Name:Dr Sean Griffin
Institution:Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Michael Gunsberg
Institution:Taylor Medical Centre
Name:Dr Charles Gunten
Institution:University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, USA San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care, Center for Palliative Studies, USA
Job Title:Clinical Professor of Medicine
Qualifications:MD PhD FAAHPM
Name:Dr David Gunter
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Sigrun Gutjahr
Institution:The Lakeside Rooms QLD
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Lindsay F Haas
Institution:Dept of Neurology, Wellington Hospital, NZ
Job Title:Neurologist and Clinical Leader
Name:Dr Samuel Hall
Institution:Ashford Specialist Centre, SA
Name:A/Prof Stephen Hall
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre
Name:Dr Craig Halliday
Institution:St Andrew’s Hospital, QLD
Qualifications:MBBS, (Hons, Qld), FRACP
Name:Dr Karen Halloran
Institution:Coronary Care Royal Melb Hosp, VIC
Name:Dr G Michael Halmagyi
Institution:Dept of Neurophysiology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Prof Jeffrey Hamdorf
Institution:St John of God Hospital, WA University of Western Australia (UWA)
Job Title:General Surgeon at St John of God Hospital Professor of Medical Education at UWA
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACS
Name:Prof Ian Hamilton-Craig
Institution:Department of Medicine, Bond University, QLD
Job Title:Preventive Cardiologist
Name:A/Prof Jeremy Hammond
Institution:Melbourne Hypertension Clinic, VIC
Job Title:Consultant Physician
Name:Dr Ibrahim Hanna
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre, NSW
Name:Mr Laurence Harewood
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr James Harkness
Name:Dr Judith Harris
Institution:Jean Colvin Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nursing
Name:Dr David Hart
Job Title:Respiratory Physician
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP GDipHML
Name:Dr John Harvey
Institution:The Childrens Hospital Westmead Burns Unit
Qualifications:MBBS FRCS FRACS
Name:Dr Martin Haskett
Name:Prof Simon Hawke
Institution:NSW Brain and Mind Research Institute
Name:Nurse Kathleen Hawksworth
Institution:Maroondah Hospital
Name:Dr Geoffrey Hawson
Institution:Nambour General Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Chris Hayes
Institution:Hunter Integrate Pain Service, NSW
Name:Dr Robert Heard
Institution:Gosford Clinic, Neurology Associates, NSW
Name:Mr Clive Heathcote
Name:Dr Vernon Heazlewood
Institution:Caboolture Hospital
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist (Medicine)
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons) FRACP
Name:Dr Geoffrey Hebbard
Institution:Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Robert Helme
Institution:Department of Neurology, Western Health VIC
Name:Dr John Stuart Henshaw
Institution:Anesthetic Services, North West Medical Centre, Burnie, TAS
Qualifications:FANZCA, FFPMANZCA
Name:Dr Clinton Herd
Institution:Sunshine Coast Rheumatology
Name:Dr Roxana Heriseanu
Institution:Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney; Moorong Spinal Unit
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS FAFRM RACP
Name:Prof Jean-François Heron
Institution:Centre Francois Baclesse-Caen, France CRLCC
Name:Dr Mark Hersch
Institution:St George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Head of Department (Clinical Neurophysiology)
Name:Prof Peter Hersey
Institution:Oncology Immunology Unit, Royal Newcastle Centre NSW
Name:Dr Mark Hertzberg
Institution:Westmead Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Haematologist
Name:Dr David Hewett
Institution:Department Of Gastroenterology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD
Name:Mr Peter Hewitt
Institution:Launceston General Hospital, TAS
Job Title:Upper GIT/HPB Surgeon
Name:Dr Jane Hill
Institution:Riverina Cancer Care Centre, Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Henry Hillman
Institution:Freemasons Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Lybus Hillman
Institution:ANU Medical School, GastrotrACT, ACT
Job Title:Senior Clinical Lecturer
Name:Dr Roger Hinsch
Institution:McCullough Medical Centre, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Robert J Hjorth
Name:Dr Kenneth Ho
Job Title:Dermatologist
Name:A/Prof Richard Holloway
Institution:Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:A/Prof Michael Hooper
Institution:Endocrinology and Metabolism,Concord Hospital, NSW
Name:Prof Malcolm K Horne
Institution:Movement Disorder Clinic, VIC
Job Title:Deputy Director
Name:Prof Michael Horowitz
Institution:Department of Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Prof Michael Horowitz
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital, Department of Medicine SA
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Mark Horrigan
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Austin Health, Austin Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Noemi Horvath
Institution:Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Division of Haematology
Job Title:Clinical Haematologist
Qualifications:MB ChB FRACP FRCPA
Name:Dr Keith R Horwood
Institution:John Flynn Hospital QLD
Name:Dr David W Howells
Institution:Austin Health, VIC
Name:Dr Xuesong Hu
Name:Dr Mark Hurwitz
Institution:The Canberra Hospital
Job Title:Thoracic Physician
Qualifications:MBBS FCP FCCP FRACP
Name:Dr William Huynh
Name:Prof Robert Iansek
Institution:Department of Medicine, Kingston Centre, VIC
Qualifications:PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Marcus Ilton
Name:Dr Charles Inderjeeth
Name:Dr Jerome Ip
Institution:Rehabilitation and Aged Care Services, Blacktown Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP (Neurology & Geriatric medicine)
Name:Dr Ian Irving
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Luis Isabel
Name:Dr Shamsul Islam
Institution:Department of Gastroenterology, Wellington Hospital, NZ
Job Title:Consultant Gastroenterologist & Senior Lecturer
Name:Dr Balram Iyer
Institution:Iyer Clinic NSW
Name:Dr Michael Jackson
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:BA MB, BChir, FRACR
Name:Dr Reuben Jackson
Institution:Sydney Childrens Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Reuben Jackson
Institution:Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW
Name:Dr George Jacob
Institution:John James Medical Centre, ACT
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, DMRT, FRANZCR
Name:Dr Rodney Jacobs
Name:Dr Andrew Jakobovits
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Jagadish Jamboti
Institution:Fremantle Hospital
Job Title:Renal Physician
Name:A/Prof Karin Jandeleit-Dahm
Institution:Prince Alfred Hospital
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MD, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Stacey K Jankelowitz
Institution:Dept of Geriatric Neurology, NSW
Name:Dr Rohan Jayasinghe
Name:Dr Michael Jefford
Institution:Peter MacCallum Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Robert Jensen
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Nigel Jepson
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Eastern Heart Clinic, Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Name:Ms Emma Johnson
Institution:Pain Management Research Institute, University of Sydney, North Shore Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr William Johnson
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Brian Jones
Qualifications:MD FRACP
Name:A/Prof Graeme Jones
Name:Dr Jacques Joubert
Institution:Epworth Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Jes Judge
Institution:Mercy Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Byron Kakulas
Name:Dr Chris Karapetis
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Phillip Katelaris
Institution:Sydney Adventist Hospital
Job Title:Urologist
Qualifications:M.B.B.S., (HONS), F.R.A.C.S. (Urol)
Name:Dr Bruce Kaufman
Institution:Providence Portland Medical Center, Oregon, United States
Job Title:Hospitalist (Internal Medicine)
Qualifications:Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
Name:Damien Kee
Institution:Western Private Hospital Footscray
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Dorothy Keefe
Institution:Calvary Cancer Centre, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Andrew Keegan
Institution:Nepean Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Physician
Name:Dr Charles Kelly
Institution:Northern Centre for Cancer Treatment, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle General Hospital, UK
Name:Dr Bradley Kendall
Institution:Wesley Medical Centre, QLD
Name:Dr Neil Kent
Institution:Division of Clinical Pathology , Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, WA
Name:Dr John Ker
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital
Job Title:HOD Spinal Unit
Qualifications:MBBCh, BSc(Hons), FRCS, FACRM, FAFRM (RACP)
Name:Dr Fiona Kermeen
Institution:The Prince Charles Hospital
Name:Dr C.B. Keshavamurthy
Institution:Vikram Hospital and Heart Care, India
Job Title:Interventional Cardiologist
Name:Dr Isi Kevau
Institution:University of Papua New Guinea
Job Title:Professor Medicine
Name:Dr Hosen Kiat
Institution:Cardiac Health Institute, NSW
Name:Dr Andrew Kiberu
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Matthew Kiernan
Institution:Institute of Neurological Sciences, Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Neurologist
Name:Dr Thomas Kimber
Institution:Neurology Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Name:Dr George Kiroff
Institution:The Geelong Hospital
Job Title:Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS MS FRACS
Name:A/Prof Peter Kistler
Institution:Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne VIC
Job Title:Head, Clinical Electrophysiology Research
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Yahya Kiwan
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Interventional Cardiologist
Name:Dr Wally Knezevic
Institution:Department of Neurology, Fremantle Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Janet Knowles
Job Title:WA Representative for Burlington Gowns
Name:Dr Simon Koblar
Institution:Department of Medicine, Adelaide University, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus, SA
Name:Dr Bogda Koczwara
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre SA, Department of Medical Oncology.
Job Title:Head of Department of Medical Oncology
Name:Dr Nickolas Kontorinis
Name:Dr Joseph Konya
Name:Dr Slav Kostov
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Qualifications:FRANZCP, FPMANZCA
Name:Dr Dusan Kotasek
Institution:Ashford Cancer Centre, SA
Name:Heike Krausse
Institution:Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital
Name:Dr U Krishnan
Name:Dr Usha Krishnan
Name:A/Prof Leonard Kritharides
Name:Dr Padmaj Kulkarni
Institution:Head of Oncology, Noble Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Ajay Kumar
Name:Dr Damodaran Kumar
Name:Dr Kishore Kumar
Job Title:Neurology registrar
Name:Dr Dinesh Lal
Name:Dr Phillipa Lamont
Institution:Neuro genetic unit, Dept of Neurology, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:A/Prof Cecilie Lander
Name:Dr Geoff K Lane
Institution:WA Cardiology Services
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Andrew Lang
Institution:Sandringham Hospital
Job Title:Endocrinologist
Name:Dr Howard Lau
Institution:Westmead Private Hospital NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr R Laurent
Institution:Royal North Shore Hospital
Name:Dr Nicholas Lawn
Institution:Department of Neurology, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr John A Lawson
Institution:Sydney Childrens Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Child Neurologist
Name:Prof Peter Le Souef
Institution:University Department of Pediatrics, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children WA
Qualifications:MBBS(WA) MD MRCP(UK) FRACP
Name:Dr Astin Lee
Institution:The Cardiac Centre, NSW
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons), MRCP(UK), FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Anthony Leece
Institution:Mater Medical Centre, QLD
Job Title:Surgeon
Name:Dr James Leitch
Institution:Suite 7 The Heights Medical Centre; NSW
Name:Dr Anthony Leong
Institution:The Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Centre
Qualifications:MBBS FRACS(Orth)
Name:Dr Rupert Leong
Institution:UNSW, Bankstown Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Senior Lecturer
Name:Dr John Leslie
Name:Dr Peter Lewindon
Institution:Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Children’s Hospital, QLD
Name:Mr Craig Lewis
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology, University of NSW, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Name:Dr Simon Li
Name:Dr Keong Lim
Institution:Logan Endoscopy, Queensland Gastroenterology, QLD
Name:Dr Seng Lim
Name:Dr Kendrick Ling
Institution:Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology, Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, WA
Name:A/Prof Geoffrey Littlejohn
Institution:Monash Medical Centre
Name:A/Prof Geoffrey LittleJohn
Institution:Monash Medical Centre VIC
Name:Dr Marek Litwin
Institution:Western Specialist Centre
Name:Dr Elizabeth Livingstone
Institution:The Livingstone Clinic
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Name:Dr Warwick Lloyd
Institution:Pain Management Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital SA
Name:Dr Boon Loke
Name:Mr Ivan Lorentz
Name:Dr Dennis Lowe
Institution:The Medical Practice NSW
Name:Prof Ray Lowenthal
Institution:Department of Health and Human Services, University of Tasmania
Job Title:Director of Medical Oncology; Clinical Professor
Qualifications:AO; MD; FRCP; FRACP; FAChPM
Name:Dr Alexander Lozynsky
Institution:Sydney Allergy Immunology Consultants
Job Title:Immunologist
Name:Dr Peter Geoffrey Lucas
Institution:NEURON, Brisbane, QLD
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Qualifications:MBBS FRACS
Name:Dr Bill Lynch
Institution:St George Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr John Lynch
Name:Dr Anthony Lynham
Institution:Emlyn Specialist Centre
Job Title:Maxillofacial Surgeon
Qualifications:BDSc, Bmed, FRACDS(OMS), FRCS
Name:Mr Brendan Macdonald
Job Title:cardiologist
Name:Dr Christopher Mack
Institution:Lilydale Private Hospital
Name:Dr Helene Mackie
Institution:Mt Wilga Hospital
Job Title:Rehabilitation Physician
Name:A/Prof Michael MacManus
Institution:Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Prof Guy Maddern
Institution:Dept of Surgery ,Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Laird Madison
Institution:Taranaki Base Hospital
Job Title:Endocrinologist
Name:Dr Graham Magarry
Name:Nurse Wendy Maginness
Institution:CHCH Hospital
Job Title:Cardiac Rehab Nurse
Name:Dr Andrew Maiorana
Institution:Cardiac Transplant Unit and Advanced Heart Failure Service, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Job Title:Senior Exercise Physiologist
Name:Dr John Males
Institution:Sydney Cornea Clinic
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons), BSc(Med)(Hons), Mmed, FRANZCO
Name:Dr Sina Malki
Institution:Warringal Private Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Quentin John Malone
Job Title:Consultant Neurosurgeon
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACS(NeurS)
Name:Dr David Malouf
Institution:Urology Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Venkat Manickavasagam
Institution:Northern Nephrology NSW
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Patrick Manning
Institution:Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin, New Zealand
Name:Dr Petros Markou
Institution:Clinic One QLD
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Romesh Markus
Institution:Department of Neurology, St Vincent’s Hospital, NSW
Name:Prof Barry Marshall
Institution:Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, WA
Name:Prof Thomas Martin
Institution:St Vincent’s Instistute of Medical Research, VIC
Name:Dr Gino Mastaglia
Name:Prof Colin Masters
Institution:Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Name:A/Prof Ian McAllister
Institution:Lions Eye Institute
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACO, FRACS
Name:Prof John McBride
Institution:Cairns Base Hospital James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry
Job Title:Infection Specialist
Name:Dr Geoffrey McCaughan
Institution:Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW, Level 9; AW Morrow Gastroenterology & Liver Centre
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Ian McColl
Institution:John Flynn Hospital & Medical Centre
Job Title:Dermatologist
Name:Dr Pam McCombe
Name:A/Prof Paul McCrory
Institution:The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne Brain Centre – Austin Campus, University of Melbourne, VIC
Job Title:NHMRC Practitioner Fellow
Name:Dr Elizabeth McDonald
Institution:MS Society of Victoria, VIC
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Dr Gregory Bruce McGrath
Institution:Intensive Care Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr David McKay
Institution:Sydney Eye Doctors
Job Title:Ophthalmologist / Director
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACO, FRACS
Name:Dr Chris McLaran
Institution:Peninsula Spee Centre, QLD
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:Dr Daniel McLaughlin
Name:Mr Richard McMullin
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr David McNamara
Institution:Princess Margaret Hospital Royal Perth Hospital
Job Title:Prosthodontist Consultant
Name:Dr Andrew McQuillan
Institution:Fremantle Hospital WA
Job Title:Hematologist
Qualifications:MBBC, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Mark Medownick
Institution:Medownick Laser Clinic
Job Title:Medical Director at Northern Laser Vision Centre; Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Royal North Shore Hospital
Qualifications:M.B.,B.S.(Melb), FAAO FRACS
Name:Dr Edward Mele
Institution:High Street Eye Clinic
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACO
Name:Prof Craig Mellis
Institution:Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney Central Clinical School, NSW
Job Title:Associate Dean
Qualifications:MBBS, MPH, MB, FRACP
Name:Dr Peter Melvill-Smith
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre, Joondalup Health Campus, WA
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Kenie Memett
Job Title:Cardiovascular Nurse
Name:Prof Samuel Menahem
Institution:S Menahem Pty Ltd, VIC
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, Med(Melb), MPM(Mon), FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ
Name:Mrs Heather Mercer
Institution:University of Surrey, UK
Name:Dr Christopher Meredith
Name:Dr Anthony Merritt
Institution:Camperdown Pain Management Centre Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Prof Arthur Michalek
Institution:Roswell Park Cancer Institute University at Buffalo, USA
Job Title:Research Integrity Officer
Qualifications:PhD, FACE
Name:Dr Tony Michele
Institution:Department of Oncology, Calvary Health Care Adelaide, SA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Andrew Miles
Institution:Mount Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Name:Dr John Milla
Name:Dr Jeremy Millar
Institution:William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre, The Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Ashley Miller
Institution:Freemasons Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Chris Milross
Institution:Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology
Name:Dr Michael Miros
Institution:Southside Endoscopy Services, QLD
Name:Dr Paul Mitchell
Institution:Austin Repat Cancer Centre, VIC
Job Title:Director of Cancer Services
Name:Dr Lindsay Mollison
Name:Mr Harry Moody
Job Title:Consultant Nephrologist
Name:A/Prof Eric Morand
Institution:Monash Medical Centre, VIC
Qualifications:MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Kim Moretti
Institution:Harley Chambers, SA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Jennifer Morgan
Institution:Pain Centre, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Stuart Mossman
Institution:Neurology Department, Wellington Hospital, NZ
Name:Dr Darren Mounkley
Institution:Noarlunga Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Stuart Moyer
Name:Dr Selva Mudaliar
Institution:Royal Melbourne Hospital
Job Title:Rehabilitation/ Medico-Legal
Name:Dr Jim Muir
Name:Dr Anna Muller
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre
Name:Prof Carl Munoz-Ferrada
Institution:Medical Centre for Excellence, Institute for Medical Research, Division of Gamma sonics
Job Title:Practice Manager
Name:Ian Munt
Institution:Townsville CYMHS
Name:Dr Sohail Murad
Institution:Inmol; Lahore, Pakistan
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr K Murali
Institution:Orange Base Hospital
Job Title:Renal Physician
Name:Prof Christopher Murphy
Institution:Associate Dean and Head of the School of Medical Sciences at the Univertiy of Sydney
Job Title:Bosch Professor of Histology and Embryology
Qualifications:PhD DSc
Name:Dr Kevin Murray
Institution:Princess Margaret Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Clyson Mutatiri
Job Title:Advanced Trainee
Name:A/Prof Steven Mutsaers
Institution:Asthma & Allergy Research Unit, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Qualifications:BSc Hons., PhD
Name:Prof Kenneth Myers
Institution:The Epworth Centre
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Tony Mylius
Institution:Western Cardiology, WA
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:BMBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Robyn Nagel
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP
Name:Dr Pradeep Narayanan
Institution:Department of Cardiology, The Townsville Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Leslie Nathanson
Institution:SJB, QLD
Name:Dr Frank New
Name:Dr Ray Newcombe
Institution:All Seasons NSW
Qualifications:Retired Physician OAM, DS, FRACS, FFPMANZCA
Name:Dr FKF Ng
Name:Dr Dang T Nguyen
Name:Prof Rick Nicholson
Institution:John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle
Job Title:Molecular Endocrinologist
Name:A/Prof David Nicol
Institution:Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Mrs Regina Nobis
Institution:Department of Nursing, University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla, Sweden
Name:Prof Christopher Nordin
Institution:Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science SA, Division of Clinical Biochemistry.
Name:Dr Reynold Noronha
Institution:Burwood Urology Centre, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Kathryn North
Institution:Clinical Science Building, Childrens Hospital at Westmead
Name:Dr Graham Norton
Institution:Modbury Public Hospital, SA
Name:Prof Joy Notter
Institution:Ravensbury House, University of Central England, UK
Job Title:Community Health Care Studies
Name:Dr Anna Nowak
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Peter O’Brien
Institution:Newcastle Mater Misericordiae Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Name:Prof Joseph O’Donnell
Institution:Student Affairs Office, Dartmouth Medical School, USA
Job Title:Professor of Medicine and of Psychiatry, Senior Advising Dean and Director of Community Programs
Name:Prof Haken Olsson
Institution:Oncology Department Sweden
Name:Prof Ian Olver
Institution:The Cancer Council Australia, NSW
Job Title:Chief Executive Officer
Name:Dr Jillian O’Neil
Institution:The Townsville Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Philip O’Rourke
Institution:Mount Isa Base Hospital QLD
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Qualifications:FRANZCP, BA, MBBS, BTh
Name:Dr Kenneth Orr
Name:Dr John D O’Sullivan
Name:Dr Irwin Pakula
Name:Mrs Anne Palmer
Institution:Krs Health Family Medical Practice
Job Title:Practice Nurse
Name:Dr Peter Panegyres
Institution:Mount Medical Centre, WA
Name:Prof John Michael Papadimitriou
Institution:Department of Pathology, University of Western Australia, QEII Medical Centre
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, MD
Name:Dr Gareth Parry
Institution:Dept of Neurology, University of Minnesota, USA
Job Title:Professor of Neurology
Name:Dr Melinda Pascoe
Institution:Neurology Choice, Pacific Private Clinic QLD
Name:Dr Dinesh Patel
Institution:Prince of Wales Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Pathmanathan Pathmaraj
Institution:Vision Eye Institute and Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital
Job Title:Consultant Ophthalmology
Qualifications:FRANZCO, FRCS Edin (Ophthalmology), MRCOphth (UK), DO (Ireland), MBBS
Name:Dr Philip Pattemore
Institution:Department of Pediatrics, Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Dr Nick Pavlakis
Institution:Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Staff Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Ron Peach
Name:Dr Richard Pemberton
Institution:Western Urology, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Susan Pendlebury
Institution:Radiation Oncology Dept, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Prof Dan Penny
Institution:Department of Cardiology, The Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Director, Dept. of Cardiology
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FRCPI, MRCPCH, PhD
Name:Dr Simon Perrin
Institution:Bendigo Hospital, Vic
Name:Mr Justin Peters
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Grant Phelps
Institution:Ballarat Health Services, VIC
Job Title:Clinical Director Internal Medicine
Name:Dr Martin Philips
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital WA
Job Title:Dept of Reciprocal Medicine
Name:Dr Patrick Phillips
Institution:Endocrine and Diabetes Services, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Phoebe Phillips
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Sarah Pickstock
Institution:Hollywood Private Hospital, WA School of Medicine and Pharmacology (UWA)
Name:Dr Ken Pittman
Institution:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA
Job Title:Head Haematology-Oncology Dept
Name:Dr Chris Plummer
Institution:Neuroscience Dept, St Vincent’s Hospital VIC
Name:Dr Peter Pohlner
Institution:Cardiac Surgical Department, Prince Charles Hospital QLD
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Christopher Pokorny
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre, NSW
Qualifications:MBBS (Syd), FRACP
Name:Dr Michael Pollack
Institution:John Hunter Hospital; Rankin Park Centre
Job Title:Rehab Medicine; Clinical Director
Qualifications:MBBS, FACRM, FAFRM(RACP), FFPM(ANZCA), M Med Sci(ClinEpi)
Name:Prof Robert Porter
Institution:Faculty of Medicine, Health & Molecular Sciences, James Cook University, QLD
Job Title:Director – Research Development
Name:Dr Kathleen Potter
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr David Prentice
Name:A/Prof Roger Price
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Department of Medical Technology & Physics, WA.
Name:Dr Peter Prichard
Name:Prof H. Miles Prince
Institution:DHMO Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Job Title:Haematologist
Name:A/Prof Peter G Procopis
Institution:Childrens Hospital at Westmead, NSW
Name:Dr Anthony Proietto
Institution:Hunter Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, NSW
Job Title:Director Gynaecological Oncologist
Qualifications:BSc(Med), MBBS, FRANZCOG, MRCOG, CGO
Name:Dr Susanne Proudman
Institution:Rheumatology Unit, Pennington Terrace Rheumatology, SA
Name:Dr Michael Prowse
Institution:The Hermitage Medical Centre
Name:Dr Terry Pry
Name:Dr Donald S Pryor
Institution:Southern Neurology, St George Hospital, NSW
Name:A/Prof D.A. Pybus
Institution:Department of Anesthesia, St George Hospital, NSW
Qualifications:MBBCh, FRCA, FANZCA
Name:Prof Geoffrey Quail
Institution:Melbourne University; Toronto University; Liverpool University; Edinburugh University; Surgery; Monash Medical Centre/ Monash University
Job Title:Director Dental & Maxillo Facial Surgery
Name:A/Prof John W Quin
Institution:Clinical Immunology, Bigge Park Centre, Liverpool Hospital NSW
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons), BSc(Hons), PhD, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr John Quintner
Institution:Wyllie Arthritis Centre WA
Name:Dr Ben Quiss
Name:Dr Lakshman Ranasinghe
Qualifications:MB FRCP DCH
Name:Dr Nicole Rankin
Institution:School of Psychology, University of Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Executive Director
Name:Dr David Turner Ransom
Institution:St John of God Healthcare WA
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, MD
Name:A/Prof Mohan Rao
Institution:Renal Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS, MS, MCR, FACS, FRACS
Name:Dr Prem Rashid
Institution:Urology Centre, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Katrina Reardon
Name:Dr Roger Redson
Name:Prof William Reed
Institution:Hollywood Specialist Centre, WA
Name:Dr Ric Reiner
Institution:Dept Medicine, Mackay Base Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Jan Resnick
Institution:Amygdala Consulting, Claremont Medical Centre
Job Title:Psychotherapist
Qualifications:Phd Psychology (Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy)
Name:A/Prof David Reutens
Institution:Dept Medicine/Neurosciences, Monash Medical Centre, VIC
Job Title:Head of Department
Name:A/Prof Gary Richardson
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, Medical Oncology and Clinical Haematology Services VIC
Name:Dr Stephen Riordan
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Livia Rivera-Woll
Institution:Alfred Hospital, Victoria
Name:Dr Henry Roberts
Name:Dr Roderick Roberts
Name:Dr Terry Robertson
Institution:Cardiology Department, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SA
Name:A/Prof Georgia Robins Sadler
Institution:University of California Cancer Centre, USA
Name:Dr Tracey Robinson
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Westmead Hospital, NSW
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Julian Rodrigues
Institution:Hollywood Medical Centre, Nedlands, WA
Job Title:Consultant Neurologist
Qualifications:MBBS; FRACP
Name:Dr David Rosenfeld
Institution:Liverpool Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Director of Haematology
Qualifications:MBBS(Syd), FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Doug Ross
Institution:Greenebaum Cancer Centre, University of Maryland, USA
Job Title:Professor
Qualifications:MD PhD
Name:Dr Barry Rowe
Name:Dr David Rubinstein
Name:Prof Richard Ruffin
Institution:Department of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus, SA
Qualifications:BSc Hons I, MBBS Hons IIA, MD, FRACP
Name:Dr Ferry Rusli
Institution:Gastroenterology Department, Monash Medical Centre VIC
Name:Dr John Russel
Institution:Murray Valley Urology, Murray Valley Private Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Anne Russell
Institution:Prince Of Wales Hospital, Cardiology Clinical Trials, NSW
Job Title:Study coordinator
Name:Dr Marc Russo
Institution:Hunter Pain Clinic NSW
Job Title:Specialist in Pain Medicine
Qualifications:MBBS DA, FRANZCA
Name:Dr Elizabeth Ryan
Job Title:Cardiology – Echo Specialist
Name:Dr Norman Sadick
Institution:Faculty of Medicine, The University of Sydney, NSW
Name:Dr Noel Saines
Institution:Wesley Medical Centre, QLD
Name:Prof Avni Sali
Institution:Grad. School of Integrati, Swinburne University of Technology, VIC
Name:Dr John Salmon
Institution:Bethesda Hospital WA
Name:Prof Prashanthan Sanders
Institution:Dept. of Cardiology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Stephen Santoreneos
Institution:Memorial Medical Centre, Department of Neurosurgery SA
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Name:Dr Marc Sarossy
Institution:Royal Vic Eye & Ear Hospital
Job Title:Ophthalmologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACO
Name:Dr Sangarapillai Sathananthan
Institution:Modbury Hospital, SA
Name:Prof Christobel Saunders
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Linda Schachter
Institution:Sleep Services Australia
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Prof Ingrid Scheffer
Institution:Dept of Neurology, Austin Health, VIC
Name:Prof Ingrid Scheffer
Institution:Dept of Neurology, Austin Health, VIC
Name:Dr Martin Schlup
Institution:Dept of Medical & Surgical Sciences, Uni of Otago, NZ
Name:Dr Susanne Schmitt
Institution:Nervey Bay Hospital
Name:Dr Mark Schoeman
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital
Name:A/Prof Leslie Schreiber
Institution:Royal North Shore Hospital
Name:Prof Stephan Schug
Institution:Chair of Anaesthesiology, University Of Western Australia
Job Title:Director of Pain Medicine Royal Perth Hospital
Name:Miss Kylie Schutt
Institution:Coronary Care Unit, Royal Darwin Hospital NT
Job Title:Consultant Nurse Manager
Name:Dr Joseph Scopa
Institution:Dept of Neurology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Name:Anna Sellbach
Job Title:Trainee
Name:Dr Tim Semple
Institution:Pain Management Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Cynthia Seow
Institution:Department Of Gastroenterology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Mark Shackleton
Institution:Medical Oncology, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne University, VIC
Name:Dr Smita Shah
Institution:Westmead Hospital and Community Health Services, NSW
Job Title:Director of Primary Health Care Education and Research Unit
Qualifications:MBCnB, MCH
Name:Dr Michael Shanahan
Institution:Internal Medicine / Cardiology, NSW
Name:Dr Jenny Shannon
Institution:Nepean Cancer Care Centre, NSW
Name:Dr Sanjeen Sharma
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital
Name:Dr David Shaw
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital SA
Name:Dr Bain Shenstone
Name:Dr Joshua Sher
Institution:Cabrini Hospital, VIC
Name:Norman Shum
Institution:Mencius Medical Pty Ltd
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Qualifications:BSc (Cant) MB ChB (Otago) MRANZCP FRANZCP Dip Clin Hypn
Name:Dr Peter Silburn
Institution:Watkins Medical Centre, QLD
Name:Dr Richard Simcock
Job Title:Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Name:Dr Graham Simpson
Institution:Flecker House, QLD
Job Title:Thoracic and General Physician
Qualifications:BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRACP
Name:Dr PA Sinclair
Name:Dr Yadu Singh
Institution:The Hills Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Olga Skibina
Institution:Neuroscience Department, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Jonathon Skinner
Institution:Starship Hospital, NZ
Job Title:Pediatric Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBChB, DCH FRCPCM, FRACP, MD
Name:Dr Michael Slancar
Institution:Gold Coast Oncology, QLD
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Greg Smith
Institution:Children Youth and Womens Health Service Dept of Pulmonary Medicine
Job Title:Paediactric Respiratory Physician and Allergist
Qualifications:MBBS Dobst FRACP MACP FCCP
Name:A/Prof Mark Smithers
Institution:Mater Medical Centre, QLD
Name:Dr Greg Smtih
Institution:Children Youth and Womens Health Service Dept of Pulmonary Medicine
Job Title:Paediactric Respiratory Physician and Allergist
Qualifications:MBBS Dobst FRACP MACP FCCP
Name:Dr Barry Snow
Institution:Neuro services Unit, Auckland Hospital, NZ
Name:Dr Victoria Soden
Institution:Noarlunga Health Services
Job Title:Consultant
Name:A/Prof Olle Soderhamn
Institution:University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla, Sweden
Name:Dr Geoffrey Speldewinde
Name:Dr Andrew Spencer
Institution:Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Judith Spies
Institution:Department of Neurology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Neil Spratt
Institution:Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Austin Health, VIC
Name:Dr Nigel Spry
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Z Srna
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Hans Stampfer
Institution:University Department of Psychiatry, Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre WA
Job Title:Uni. Dept. Psychiatry
Name:Dr Denis Stark
Institution:Visual Electro Diagnostic Clinic
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MBBS (QLD), FRCS (Edin), FRANZCO
Name:Dr Catherine Stedman
Institution:Storr Liver Unit, Westmead Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Rick Stell
Institution:St John of God Subiaco Clinic, WA
Job Title:Consultant Neurologist
Name:Dr Glenn Stephens
Job Title:Consultant Paediatric Prac
Qualifications:MBBS(hons) FRACP FAC PsychMed Dip Paeds
Name:Dr Mark Stephens
Job Title:Physician
Name:A/Prof Robin Stewart-Harris
Institution:Univeristy of Sydney, The Canberra Hospital, ACT
Job Title:Associate Professor of Medical Oncology Unit
Name:Dr Martin Stiles
Institution:Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Adelaide, SA
Qualifications:MBChB and FRACP
Name:Dr Martin Strahan
Name:Dr Simone Strasser
Institution:AW Morrow Gastroenterology and Liver Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Name:A/Prof Phillip Stricker
Institution:St Vincents Clinic, NSW
Qualifications:MBBS(NSW)(Hons), FRACS
Name:Prof Richard Stubbs
Institution:The Wakefield Clinic
Job Title:Professor and Director
Qualifications:MD FRCS FRACS
Name:Dr Jonathan W L Sturm
Institution:Kanwal Medical Complex NSW
Name:Mr Tonglin Su
Name:A/Prof David Richmond Sullivan
Institution:Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hopsital, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Quentin Summers
Institution:Suite 27, Level 2, Mount Medical Centre, WA
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, DM
Name:Dr C Sun
Institution:St Vincents Hospital
Name:Dr Kendra Sundquist
Institution:The Cancer Council NSW
Job Title:Manager of Supportive Care Development
Name:Dr Greg Szto
Institution:Peninsula Private Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Mark Tadros
Institution:Brisbane Rehab QLD
Qualifications:MBBS, AFRM (FRACP), FPM (ANZCA)
Name:Dr Peter Tagkalidis
Institution:Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Ik Lin Tan
Institution:Neurophysiology Department, St George Hospital NSW
Name:Dr Anil Tandon
Institution:School of Medicine and Pharmacology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Palliative Care Physician
Name:Dr Colin Tang
Institution:Calvary Mater Newcastle
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCR.
Name:Dr Richard Tarala
Institution:Respiratory Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Job Title:Respiratory Physician
Qualifications:B.Sc., M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.E., F.R.A.C.P.,F.C.C.P., D.Med.Ed.
Name:Dr Kim Taubman
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Physician
Name:A/Prof Bruce Taylor
Institution:Department of Medicine, University of Otago, NZ
Name:Dr Hee Soo Teng
Institution:Ipswich Urology Clinic, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Shaughan Terry
Name:Dr Jeffery Thavaseelan
Institution:Urology West, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:A/Prof Frank Thien
Institution:Department of Allergy Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, Alfred Hospital, VIC
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FCCP
Name:Dr Paul Thiering
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Prof Mark Thomas
Institution:Department of Renal Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital WA
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS (Syd), FRACP
Name:Dr Peter Thomas
Name:Prof Peter Thompson
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Director Research Development
Name:Dr Philip Tideman
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Stuart Tie
Name:Dr Paul Timmings
Institution:Neurology Department, Waikato Hospital, NZ
Name:Dr Ravindranath Tiruvoipati
Institution:Frankston Hospital
Job Title:Dept of Respiratory
Name:Dr Brett Todhunter
Name:Dr Donald Todman
Institution:Brisbane Clinic, QLD
Name:Dr Lois Tonkin
Institution:University of Sydney Pain Management and Research Centre, NSW
Job Title:Physiotherapist in Charge
Name:Dr James Toouli
Institution:Flinders Private Hospital
Job Title:Hepatobiliary surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS PhD FRACS
Name:Dr Peter Tornya
Name:Dr John Trantalis
Institution:Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Centre, Dept Shoulder & Elbow Surgery
Job Title:Specialist Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS FRACS
Name:Dr Jane Trinca
Institution:Austin Health – Anesthetics Dept VIC
Name:Dr Jenny Tu
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital; Gastroenterology / General Medicine
Job Title:Medical Registrar
Name:Dr Phillip S Tuch
Institution:Neurology Department, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Malcolm Turner
Institution:Princess Alexandra Hospital
Name:Dr Craig Underhill
Institution:Medical Oncology Unit, Border Medical Oncology, VIC
Name:Dr Alston Unwin
Institution:The Conolly Clinic QLD
Name:Prof John Upham
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Dept of Respiratory Medicine.
Job Title:Specialist in Thoracic Medicine.
Name:Prof Frank John Vajda
Qualifications:MD FRCP FRACP
Name:Dr Guy Van Hazel
Institution:Mount Hospital, WA
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Megan Varlow
Institution:Pain Management Unit, St. George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Health Psychologist
Name:Dr Celi Varol
Institution:Nepean Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urological Oncologist
Name:Dr Anica Vasic
Institution:Pain Management Unit, St George Hospital NSW
Name:Dr Samuel Vasikaran
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, Department of Biochemistry WA.
Name:Dr Jusin Vass
Institution:AMA House, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Stephen Vaughan
Institution:Medical Services Building, Ballarat Health Services, VIC
Name:Dr Dominic Vellar
Name:Dr Dulcie Veltman
Institution:Niola Private Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Venu Venogopalan
Name:Dr Jack Vercoe
Name:Dr Paul Verrills
Name:Dr Christopher Vickers
Institution:Dept of Gastroenterology, St Vincent’s Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Alistair Vickery
Institution:University of WA School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health
Job Title:Assoc Prof Primary Health Care
Qualifications:MBBS FRACGP
Name:Dr Melissa A Viney
Institution:The Geelong Hospital VIC
Job Title:Specialist Anesthetist
Qualifications:Grad. Dip Med (Pain Med)
Name:Dr Eric Visser
Institution:Mercy Medical Centre WA
Name:Mr Justin Vivian
Institution:Western Urology, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:A/Prof Edward Vogl
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:A/Prof Jitu Vohra
Institution:Victorian Heart Centre, VIC
Qualifications:MD, FRCP, FRACP, FACC
Name:Dr Zoya Volobueva
Institution:Toowoomba Base Hospital, QLD
Name:Julian Vyas
Institution:Starship Childrens Hospital
Job Title:Respiratory Paediatrician
Name:Dr Grant L Walker
Name:A/Prof Robyn Ward
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, St Vincents Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Samy Wasset
Institution:Dunedin Hospital
Job Title:Registrar
Name:Dr Grant Waterer
Institution:Virtual Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Co-Medical Director
Name:Dr Thomas Waters
Institution:Mercy Medical Centre, WA
Name:Dr John A Waterson
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Ashley Watson
Institution:Infection Disease Unit, Canberra Hospital ACT
Job Title:Senior Specialist
Name:A/Prof David Webb
Institution:Freemasons Private Medical Centre, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Rukshen Weerasooriya
Name:Dr Warren Weightman
Institution:Dermatology on Ward
Name:Mr Martin Weltman
Institution:Nepean Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Name:Dr Cheng Wen
Institution:Dept of Renal Medicine, Wollongong Hospital NSW
Job Title:Consultant
Qualifications:MBBS, MMed, PhD, Dip PG, FRACP
Name:Dr Malcolm West
Institution:Department of Medicine, Prince Charles Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Andre Westenberg
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Mr Andrew Westernberg
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr John Wettenhall
Name:Dr Mike Whitby
Institution:Greenslopes Specialist Centre QLD
Name:Dr Darren White
Institution:Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management, St Vincent’s Hospital VIC
Job Title:Physiotherapy Team Manager
Name:Dr Margot Whitfeld
Name:Dr Emma Whitman
Institution:Department of Neurology, Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Matthias Wichmann
Institution:Mt Gambier General Hospital
Name:Dr Nicholas Wickham
Institution:Ashford Cancer Centre
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Namal Wijesinghe
Institution:Cardiology Department, Waikato Hospital, NZ
Name:Dr David Wilcox
Name:Dr Victor Wilk
Institution:Brighton Spinal Group VIC
Job Title:Musculoskeletal Physician
Name:Dr Stephen Wilkinson
Institution:Principal Surgeon at Tasmania Obesity Surgery Centre
Job Title:Obesity and General Surgeon
Qualifications:AM MBBS MD FRACS
Name:Dr Diane Marie Wilson
Institution:Epworth Eastern Med Centre
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Susanne Winter
Name:Dr Anita Wluka
Institution:Monash University and Alfred Hospital
Name:Dr Max Wolf
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Chiew Wong
Institution:University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Cardiology Research Fellow
Name:A/Prof Stan Woodhouse
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBChB(Otago), FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Roger Woodruff
Institution:Austin Health
Job Title:Med Oncologist & Director of Palliative Care
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FAChPM
Name:Dr Graham Wright
Name:Dr Raymond Chong Wu
Institution:Perth Clinic Medical Consulting Suites, WA University of Western Australia
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist Clinical Lecturer
Name:Dr Elizabeth Wylie
Institution:Breast Screen WA
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Dr Frank Yan
Institution:St George Hospital/ Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit
Job Title:Allergy, Respiratory and Sleep Physician
Qualifications:B.Sc (Med) MBBS FRACP
Name:Dr Eric Yeoh
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MD, FRCP(EOIw), FRCR
Name:Dr Srinavasa Raju Yerra
Name:Prof Boon Kian Yeu
Job Title:paediatric cardiology
Name:Dr Glenn Young
Institution:Adelaide Cardiology, SA
Job Title:Partner
Name:Dr Johny F Younger
Institution:Department of Academic Cardiology, Cardiac MRI Unit, UK
Qualifications:FRACP, MRCP, BHF
Name:Dr Kevin Yuen
Name:Dr Annalee Yuhico
Institution:Pain Management Unit, Nepean Hospital NSW
Job Title:Anesthetist
Name:Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk
Institution:Department of Human Physiology, Flinders University, SA
Name:Dr Simon Zanati
Institution:Digestive Health Centre, VIC
Name:Dr Bogna Zborowska
Institution:Bankstown Hospital
Job Title:Ophthalmologist – VMO
Qualifications:MBBS, FRAZCO
Name:Dr Zhen Zheng
Institution:Corio Bay Sports Medicine Centre, VIC
Job Title:Lecturer

General Practitioners

Name:Dr Susan Allman
Institution:Family Medical Centre, NSW
Job Title:General Practitioner
Qualifications:MBBS DRACOG MPM
Name:Dr Diana Cross
Institution:Hawkins Clinic SA
Name:Dr Elizabeth Elliott
Institution:Westmead Children’s Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr David Frazer
Institution:Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Judit Gonczi
Institution:Parramatta Central Medical Centre
Job Title:GP
Qualifications:MBBS MD FRACGP SCOPE Member
Name:Dr Richard Heah
Institution:Adelaide Northern Division Of General Practice Work Health Clinic
Name:Dr Abbas Hussien
Job Title:Specialises in Pallitive medicine
Name:Prof Moyez Jiwa
Institution:WA Centre for Cancer & Palliative Care
Name:Dr Cyril Latt
Job Title:Palliative Care/Oncology Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, DCH, FRACGP
Name:Dr Mufida Shabiby
Job Title:Doctor
Name:Dr John Yamba
Institution:Mt Gambier General Hospital


Name:Mr Mohamed Abdul Majit
Institution:Middlemore Hospital
Job Title:Counties Manukau District Health Board
Name:Mrs Emelia Atai
Institution:Westmead Hospital
Job Title:Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Nurse Consultant
Name:Kasia Bail
Institution:University of Canberra
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Ms Wendy Bayliss
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Nurse Jenny Beavis
Institution:Royal Melbourne Hospital
Job Title:North West Dialysis Service
Name:Julie Bernardson
Institution:Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services (GRICS)
Job Title:Sub- Regional Cancer Coordinator
Name:Ms Ineke Bleeker
Institution:Calvary Health Care, ACT
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Ms Jennifer Boromeo
Institution:Inglewood Hospital
Job Title:Diabetes and Cardiac Educator
Name:Lyell Brougham
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital SA
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Consultant
Name:Nurse Sheree Brown
Institution:Princess Alexandra Hospital
Name:Nelly Bruinsma
Institution:Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brisbane)
Job Title:RN – Surgical Division
Name:Ms Jilian Burmeister
Institution:Krs Health Family Medical Practice
Job Title:Practice Nurse
Name:Mrs Maria Castro
Institution:Pain Management
Job Title:CNC
Name:Nurse Sue Champion
Institution:Gambro Health Care
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Specialist
Name:Jo Chan
Name:Ms Sonja Cleary
Institution:School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Faculty of Science Engineering & Health, Central Queensland University
Job Title:Lecturer/Course Coordinator
Name:Mr Greg Cross
Institution:Christchurch Public Hospital, NZ
Name:Nurse Mary Da Silva
Institution:Royal Children’s Hospital
Name:Ms Kirsten Davis
Institution:Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand
Name:Nurse Esther Della Vale
Institution:WACHS Kalgoorlie
Name:Nurse Fiona Farmer
Institution:Cancer Nursing, The College of Nursing
Job Title:Nurse Educator
Name:Jenny Fernie
Institution:Lingard Private Hospital Oncology
Name:Nurse Louise Forbes
Institution:Baxter Healthcare Dialysis
Name:Cherie Franks
Institution:The Prince Charles
Name:Mr Michael Glynn
Institution:Bankstown Health Service NSW
Name:Nurse Rachel Grafton
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital
Name:Nurse Leah Hansen
Institution:Mercy Hospital
Name:Nurse Michele Harvey
Institution:Gold Coast Health Service
Job Title:Nurse Practitioner
Name:Nurse Kathleen Hawksworth
Institution:Maroondah Hospital
Name:Ms Amal Helou
Institution:Royal Prince Alfred Hospital President of the Australian Pain Society
Job Title:Nurse Practitioner
Name:Mrs Jasmin Henderson
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital NSW
Name:Ms Rachael Hepburn
Job Title:Cardiac Nurse
Name:Anne Holdsworth
Institution:Cabrini Hospital
Job Title:Oncology Nurse
Name:Nurse Ingrid Holmes
Institution:Joondalup Renal Unit
Name:Jahne Hope-Williams
Institution:Tone ‘n’ Go Yoga
Job Title:Founder & Director
Name:Christine Hoyne
Institution:Breast Service, Ambulatory Care, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Job Title:Nurse Co-ordinator
Name:Beth Ivimey
Institution:The Prince of Wales Hospital
Job Title:Cancer co-ordinator
Name:Mrs Marisa Jenkins (Madigan)
Name:Nurse Glenda Kent
Institution:Barwon Health
Name:Nurse Kaz Knutson
Institution:Hunter New England Health Taree Community Health
Name:Nurse Maria Li Donni
Institution:Liverpool Hospital Sydney South West Area Health Service
Name:Mr Luis Lim
Institution:Kalgoorlie Hospital
Job Title:Registered Nurse
Name:Angela McClelland
Institution:Great Southern Area Health Service (GSAHS)
Job Title:oncology nurse
Name:Nurse Helen McIvor
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital
Name:Ms Susan Miller
Job Title:Diabetes Educator
Name:Nurse Anne Morton
Institution:Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital Redcliffe Dialysis
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Nurse Rosemarie Muggeridge
Institution:Sydney Adventist Hospital
Name:Nurse Susan Muller
Institution:Northside Diabetics
Job Title:Diabetes Educator
Name:Nurse Colleen Munro
Institution:Liverpool Hospital
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Consultant
Qualifications:RN – Grad Cert in Renal
Name:Ms Kathryn Nattress
Institution:Sydney Cancer Centre – RPA Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Consultant – Gynecological Cancer
Name:Nurse Chi Vi Nhan
Institution:Liverpool Hospital
Name:Renee Norman
Institution:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Haem/Oncology
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Mrs Fiona Normand
Institution:Eastern Health Angliss Education Dept. VIC
Job Title:CNC APS
Name:Kees Nydam
Institution:Bundaberg Base Hospital
Name:Ms Leanne O’Grady
Institution:Hunter New England Health/ Taree Community Health Centre
Job Title:Renal Clinical Nurse Consultant
Name:Nurse Chanelle Osborne
Institution:Lismore Base Hospital North Coast Area Health Services
Job Title:Registered Nurse
Name:Ms Donna Owens
Institution:Newcastle Melanoma Unit, Newcastle Mater Misericordiae Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Specialist Melanoma
Name:Ms Carol Palmisano
Institution:Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Diabetes and Orthopedics Educator
Name:Edmondo Palombo
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy
Name:Ms Beth Pollock
Institution:Greenslopes Private Hospital
Job Title:Registered Nurse
Name:Nurse Sunny Pula
Institution:Counties Manukau DHB
Job Title:Dialysis Technician
Name:Mrs Andrea Radford
Institution:The Diabetes Centre, Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania
Job Title:Diabetes Educator
Name:Ms Lynn Randall
Institution:Harbour Health
Job Title:Diabetes Nurse
Name:Nurse Norma Renders-Allen
Institution:Geelong Hospital Barwon Health
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Sharon Roberts
Institution:Monash Medical Centre
Job Title:Gynecology/Breast cancer nursing
Name:Nurse Lesley Salem
Institution:John Hunter Hospital Hunter New England Health
Name:Nurse Vanessa Scott
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital
Name:Nurse Joanne Shafer-Benhamu
Institution:Royal North Shore Hospital
Name:Ms Deborah Sharp
Institution:Peninsula Private Hospital
Job Title:Cardiac Lab Nurse
Name:Mr Pete Sinclair
Institution:John Hunter Hospital Hunter New England Health
Name:Ms Mawacond Siolaa
Job Title:Public Health Nurse
Name:Lisa Smith
Institution:Southern Health
Name:Mr Darren Starmer
Institution:University of Western Australia
Job Title:PhD Candidate
Qualifications:BN. MEdStds (Hons)
Name:Kay Stephenson
Institution:Num Day Oncology Unit, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Mrs Karen Stewart
Institution:Royal Brisband & Womens Health Redcliffe Dialysis Unit
Name:Mrs Michelle Stower
Institution:Toowoomba Pain Management QLD
Job Title:Pain Nurse (Private)
Name:Nurse Mariska ter Bals
Institution:University of Auckland
Job Title:Cardiac researcher
Name:Nurse Dana Thacker
Institution:Royal Adelaide Hospital
Name:Ms Gaye Tootell
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Nurse Madeleine Tremblay
Institution:Sydney Dialysis Centre
Name:Ms Sandra Tutt
Name:Mr Thomas Vidins
Institution:Mater Health Service
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Nurse Melanie Ward
Institution:PA Hospital
Name:Nurse Maree Wearne
Institution:Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council
Name:Ms Janet Williams
Institution:The Alfred/ Lung Helath Promotion Centre
Job Title:Registered Nurse
Name:Mr John Yung
Institution:Fremantle Hospital

Research Scientists

Name:Dr Lars Arendt-Nielsen
Institution:Aalborg University, Denmark
Job Title:Director Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction
Qualifications:Professor Dr.Med.Sci., Ph.D.
Name:Danny Brazzale
Institution:Austin Hospital
Name:Mr Peter Bryner
Institution:Murdoch University
Name:Mr Chris Bunney
Institution:Home Sleep Studies Australia
Job Title:Sleep Scientist
Qualifications:BAppSc MApp Fin
Name:Mrs Lisa Burnette
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital
Job Title:Renal Research Coordinator, Department of Nephrology
Qualifications:Bachelor Science (NSG), Post Grad Public Health and Renal Nursing
Name:Ms Ashwini Chand
Institution:Prince Henry’s Institute, Victoria
Job Title:Research Officer
Name:Prof Mark Creamer
Institution:Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health
Name:Derek Figurski
Institution:Canberra Hospital, Thoracic Medicine Department
Job Title:Respiratory Scientist
Name:Ms Jean Fleming
Institution:Griffith University, Queensland
Qualifications:Physiology and Endocrine Research
Name:Dr Kevin Gain
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine
Job Title:Chief Pulmonary Physiologist
Qualifications:PhD, CRFS
Name:Mr Luke Garratt
Institution:Institute for Child Health
Job Title:Researcher
Name:Amir Ghanbari
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital, Respiratory Medicine
Job Title:Hospital Scientist/ Lab Engineer
Qualifications:BE MBiomedEng
Name:Dr John Higgins-Biddle
Institution:University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Job Title:Community Medicine, Assistant Professor
Name:Mr Matthew Hipsey
Institution:The University of Western Australia
Job Title:Research Fellow
Name:Ms Lisa Karlov
Institution:University of Sydney, School of Psychology
Job Title:Research Scientist and psychologist
Qualifications:B.Psych(Hons), candidate for DCP/PhD
Name:Dr Peter Keller
Institution:Level 1 Neurosciences Building; Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Neuroscience Trials Australia VIC
Qualifications:BAppSc(Optom), MBA, MHEth, PhD, FVCO
Name:Dr Belinda Lange
Institution:Institute for Creative Technologies, California, USA
Job Title:Rehabilitation Medicine
Name:Dr Lidia Mayner
Institution:Flinders University, School of Nursing & Midwifery
Name:Dr Aruni Mendis
Institution:Tri -Med Distributors, WA
Qualifications:PhD, Dip. Imp. Coll
Name:Mr David Miller
Institution:Murdoch University
Name:Neil Misso
Institution:Lung Institute of WA
Name:Captain Dennis Mok
Institution:Health Services – New South Wales, Victoria Barracks, Paddington
Job Title:Medical Scientist
Name:Dr Gary Nolan
Institution:Princess Margaret Hospital, Respiratory Medicine
Name:Ms Rosemary Panelli
Qualifications:PhD Candidate
Name:Mr Andrew Pask
Institution:Melbourne University
Name:Michelle Privitera
Institution:Eczema Association of Australia Inc.
Job Title:Research Officer
Name:Prof Maureen Simmonds
Institution:School of Physical and Occupational Therapy Professor and Director
Job Title:Associate Dean (Rehabilitation) Faculty of Medicine
Qualifications:PhD PT
Name:Ms Désirée Spierings
Institution:Sexual Health Australia
Qualifications:BA/Psychology, Master of Health Science/Sexual Health
Name:Kaye Stenvers
Institution:Prince Henry’s Institution
Job Title:Senior Research officer
Name:Dr Maureen Swanney
Institution:Respiratory Physiology Laboratory; Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Himesha Vandebona
Institution:Neuro genetics Department, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
Name:Jennifer Walsh
Institution:QEII Medical Centre
Name:Dr Owen Williamson
Institution:Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University VIC Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Job Title:Senior Lecturer
Name:Ms Wei Zhang


Name:Dr Marlies E Alvarenga
Institution:Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute Cardiovascular Neurosciences Division
Job Title:Research Clinical Psychologist
Name:Mr Paul Katris
Institution:Western Australian Clinical Oncology Group (WACOG), WA
Job Title:Executive Officer
Qualifications:M. Psych
Name:Ms Amanda Lucas
Institution:Capital Rehabilitation and Pain Management
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Ms Amanda Lucas
Institution:Capital Rehabilitation and Pain Management
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Ms Kathryn Nicholson Perry
Institution:University of Sydney Pain Mgt & Research Cntre
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Dr Jan Parr
Job Title:Psychologist
Name:Mrs Cathy Trotter
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist- Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Unit
Qualifications:BBehSc(Hons), MClinPsych, MAPS
Name:Ms Dale Tyler
Institution:Self-Management Health Consultancy VIC
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist

Medical Practitioners

Name:Dr Merrilyn Booth
Institution:Doctor and Physiotherapist
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons), BSc(Physio)(Hons)
Name:Dr Patricia Crook
Qualifications:Honourary Doctor
Name:Dr Winnie Hong
Institution:Concord Repatriation General Hospital NSW
Name:Dr Graydon Howe
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre
Name:Dr Allison Johns
Qualifications:BSc (Biomed/Mol Biol) Hons, MBBS
Name:Kees Nydam
Institution:Bundaberg Base Hospital
Name:Prof Norman Sharpe
Institution:National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, NZ
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Dr Mano Thevathasan
Institution:Peninsula Specialist Centre


Name:Ms Helen Baker
Job Title:Private Practice Dietitian
Qualifications:APD; BSc(Nutrituin & Food Science); Grad Dip Dietetics; Postgrad Dip Health Promotion
Name:Ms Monica Divine
Institution:Dietitians Association of Australia WA Oncology Interest Group
Job Title:Chair Diet Therapy and Nutrition
Qualifications:BSc in Dietetic and Nutrition
Name:Ms Lynne Ferguson
Institution:Counties Manukau DHB
Job Title:Dietitian
Name:Mrs Bianca Mammana
Institution:Joondalup Health Campus
Job Title:Senior Dietitian
Qualifications:Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science, Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Diabetes Education)
Name:Ms Jamil Masangkay
Institution:Rooty Hill Clinic
Job Title:Dietitian
Name:Miss Breiga Pepping
Institution:Dunedin Hospital
Name:Mrs Christine Thomas
Institution:Women’s & Children’s Hospital


Name:Ms Carol Armour
Institution:University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy
Job Title:Pharmacist
Name:Ms Tina Aspres
Institution:Dermal Research Laboratories
Job Title:Clinical Director, Researcher, Pharmacist
Qualifications:B. Pharm
Name:Ms Sanja Milla
Institution:Middlemore Hospital
Job Title:Clinical Pharmacist

Medical Educators

Name:Ms Hope Alexander
Institution:Health Consumers Council WA
Job Title:Consumer Health Representative/ Health Educator
Qualifications:Master Public Health, DipTeaching(Primary), GradDip Arts(Applied Womens Studies) BA(Social Science)


Name:Mr Akhil Chandra
Job Title:Dentist
Qualifications:Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)
Name:Dr Maurice White
Institution:Supertooth and Good Food Friends
Job Title:Dentist; R&D Prevention of Tooth Decay
Qualifications:BDSc Melb

Allied Healths

Name:Ms Viviene Ali
Institution:CDHB, New Zealand
Job Title:Radiation Therapist
Name:Mrs Susanne Bow
Institution:Geraldton Hospital
Name:Ms Nicola Boyd
Institution:Liverpool Hospital NSW
Job Title:Occupational Therapist
Name:Mr Arthur Anton Elliott
Institution:Micromedia Labs Pty Ltd
Job Title:Director
Name:Mrs Cheryll Evans
Institution:Werribee Mercy Hospital
Name:Mrs Susan Gammage
Institution:Geraldton Hospital
Name:Helen Gardner
Name:Ms Lindy Holbrook
Institution:Sir Charles Gardner Hospital
Job Title:Physiotherapist
Name:Ms Fiona Kallin
Institution:Oncology/Hematology Department, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, NSW
Name:Ms Najat Nizam-Nahhas
Institution:Concord Hospital
Name:Ms Deborah Parry
Institution:Werribee Mercy Hospital
Name:Mrs Kerrie Pascoe
Institution:Northside Endoscopy Service
Name:Ms Helen Potter
Institution:In Touch Physiotherapy, Subiaco, WA
Job Title:Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Name:Ms Sheryl Rochford
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre
Name:Mrs Maggie Roediger
Institution:Repatriation General Hospital
Name:Mr Wasily Sakaco
Name:Ms Lesley Sanderson
Institution:Harbour Health, Albany, New Zealand
Job Title:Dietitian and Diabetes Team Leader
Name:Mr Geoff Smith
Job Title:Optometrist
Qualifications:BSc. Optom
Name:Ms Cheryl Talent
Institution:Eczema Association of Australia Inc.
Job Title:President


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