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Bone – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Rob Will
Institution:Metabolic Bone & Musculoskeletal Diseases Research Unit WA
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP


Name:Dr Andrew Black
Name:A/Prof Norman Broadhurst
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre SA, Department of Orthopedics
Name:Dr Phillip Clifton-Bligh
Institution:Department of Endocrinology, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Malcom Cochran
Institution:Endocrine Bone and Diabetes Centre SA
Name:Dr Ronald Criddle
Name:Dr Terrence Diamond
Institution:Department of Endocrinology, St George Hospital, NSW
Name:A/Prof Nick Fazzalari
Institution:Divison of Tissue Pathology,Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, SA
Name:A/Prof Leon Flicker
Institution:Geriatric Medicine,University of Western Australia, WA
Name:Dr Paul Glendenning
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital WA, Clinical Biochemistry
Qualifications:MBChB, BSc, MAACB, PhD, FRCPA, FRACP
Name:Dr Ian Gotis-Graham
Name:Dr Stewart Graham
Name:Dr Douglas Gray
Name:A/Prof Michael Hooper
Institution:Endocrinology and Metabolism,Concord Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Charles Inderjeeth
Name:A/Prof Graeme Jones
Name:Dr Neil Kent
Institution:Division of Clinical Pathology , Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, WA
Name:Dr Anthony Leong
Institution:The Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Centre
Qualifications:MBBS FRACS(Orth)
Name:Prof Thomas Martin
Institution:St Vincent’s Instistute of Medical Research, VIC
Name:Dr Gino Mastaglia
Name:Prof Christopher Nordin
Institution:Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science SA, Division of Clinical Biochemistry.
Name:Dr Patrick Philips
Institution:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital SA, Endocrine and Diabetes Services.
Job Title:Director
Name:A/Prof Roger Price
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Department of Medical Technology & Physics, WA.
Name:Dr Bain Shenstone
Name:Dr John Trantalis
Institution:Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Centre, Dept Shoulder & Elbow Surgery
Job Title:Specialist Surgeon
Qualifications:MBBS FRACS
Name:Dr Samuel Vasikaran
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, Department of Biochemistry WA.

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Posted On: 22 October, 2013
Modified On: 13 June, 2017

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