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Demazin Sinus/Sinus 12 hour (controlled release)

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Generic Name:
Product Name: Demazin Sinus/Sinus 12 hour (controlled release)


Relief of nasal congestion associated with acute and chronic rhinitis, common cold and sinusitis


Cause constriction of dilated nasal vessels, therefore reducing tissue swelling and nasal congestion

Dose advice

Demazin Sinus: 60mg, 30 tabletsDemazin Sinus 12 hour (controlled release): 120mg, 18 tabletsPseudoephedrine is included in many over the counter preparations; dosage depends on the type of combination used, or whether it is controlled releaseAdult: 60mg every 4-6 hours; max 240mg dailyChild>2 years: 1mg/kg 3-4 times dailyCombination products are not recommended



Common side effects

CNS stimulationNervousnessExcitabilityDizzinessInsomniaCo-existing conditions:Pseudoephedrine products are contra-indicated in uncontrolled hypertension and MAOI treatmentMay affect blood glucose control in diabetesIncreased risk of arrhythmia in heart diseaseBlood pressure may increase in patients with hypertensionSymptoms may be exacerbated in patients with prostatic hypertrophyIn patients with hyperthyroidism, there is an increased sensitivity to sympathomimetics

Uncommon side effects

TachycardiaPalpitationsArrhthmiasSeizuresHypertensionIschaemic colitis


For further information talk to your doctor.

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Posted On: 22 July, 2003
Modified On: 30 January, 2014

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