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Generic Name: Acetic acid; Isopropyl alcohol
Product Name: Aquaear


Aquaear is used to prevent moisture retention in the ear and thus prevent and treat the condition called swimmer’s ear.


Aquaear is used to create a dry, acidic environment in the ear canal so as to decrease the risk of getting swimmer’s ear. It can also treat swimmer’s ear as it has a drying effect as well as a possible antibacterial effect.

Dose advice

The recommended dose for Aquaear is four to six drops into the ear canal after bathing or swimming. To administer these drops, you should tilt your head to one side and instil 4-6 drops and keep that position for at least 1 minute for the best effect. Repeat this again for the other ear.Aquaear is not recommended in patients who are suffering from earache or when discharge is coming out of the ear canal. It is also not recommended for patients with any severe ear conditions e.g. severe otitis externa, otitis media or a perforated ear drum.



Common side effects

The only adverse effects of Aquaear reported when administered correctly is irritation in the ear canal. If this should occur, discontinue use of Aquaear.


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For further information talk to your doctor.

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Posted On: 22 July, 2003
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