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Androcur 100

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Generic Name: Cyproterone acetate
Product Name: Androcur 100


Androcur 100 is for use only in men.

In men, Androcur may be used to:
– Reduce the sex drive. This is of therapeutic value in treating men with sexual deviations. Treatment should only be instigated if the patient wishes to undergo treatment. Although Androcur can reduce the sex drive in males, it does not treat the psychosocial issues underlying sexual deviations and it is recommended to co-administer psychosocial therapy with Androcur, as counselling may be most useful while the sexual drive is somewhat reduced.
– Suppress flaring up of disease when luteinizing hormone analogue therapy is initiated in the treatment of inoperable prostatic carcinoma.
– Treat inoperable prostatic carcinoma when LHRH agonists are ineffective or have unacceptable side-effects.
– Treat hot flushes associated with LHRH agonist therapy and orchidectomy.


Androgenic hormones are male hormones that are also present to a lesser degree in females.

Cyproterone acetate, the active ingredient in Androcur, prevents androgens from having their usual effect on the organs of the body by blocking the hormones at their receptors.

This means that the effects normally produced by the androgens, such as growth of body hair, skin changes, increased sex drive and stimulation of the prostate, to name a few, are also dampened.

Dose advice

– For treatment aimed at reducing sexual drive, commence 1 x 50mg tablet twice daily with a view to increasing this dose to 2 x 50mg tablets twice or even three times daily, if necessary, to achieve the desired effect.

Aim for a maintenance dose that is as low as possible, but achieves the desired therapeutic effect. Often 25mg twice daily is an adequate maintenance dose.

Androcur should not be ceased abruptly. Taper the dose gradually to cease the medication. Reducing the dose by 25mg every few weeks is acceptable.

– To avoid a flare of disease in patients with prostatic cancer who are commencing LHRH agonist therapy, commence 2 x 50mg tablets twice daily for 5-7 days, then add the LHRH agonist and continue the same dose of Androcur for 3-4 weeks.
– For palliative treatment of inoperable prostatic carcinoma in patients who have not undergone orchidectomy 2 x 50mg tablets 2-3 times daily is the recommended dose. Do not interrupt or reduce this dose, even if symptoms improve.
– 50mg 1-3 times daily with a view to titrating to 100mg 3 times a day if necessary is the recommended treatment for patients suffering from hot flushes or who have had an orchidectomy.



Common side effects

-Weight gain
-Low mood
-Increased risk of blood clots

(NB: this side effect was reported more commonly in clinical trials than it has been in post marketing research. Post marketing information indicates that thrombotic phenomena are very rare, while clinical trials report such phenomena as â??commonâ?)

-Loss of libido

Uncommon side effects

– Rash
– High-dose Androcur may cause disturbances of liver function, which can be severe.
– Sleep disturbance
– Hot flushes
– Allergy to the medication
– Fast pulse

– Breast development may occur in men, which disappears after stopping the medication
– Long-term treatment may cause osteoporosis in men
– Androcur usually gradually reduces the production of sperm in men. This function recovers once the medication is ceased.


For further information talk to your doctor.

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Posted On: 22 July, 2003
Modified On: 15 July, 2017

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