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pregnant woman yoga

Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates and Back Pain: Pilates is a particularly good exercise for many people with back pain as it is designed to strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates has been found to reduce chronic back pain and the disability associated with back pain. Read on for...

Protein Shakes

A protein shake is a high protein beverage, usually prepared by mixing a specially formulated, high-protein powder with liquid. Here is some information on protein shakes.
pregnant woman yoga

Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates is an ideal exercise during pregnancy as it is designed to strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.
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Office ergonomics: Managing mental health

Risks to psychological health at work may arise from organisational or personal factors such as poor design of work and jobs, poor communication and interpersonal relationships, bullying or fatigue.
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Discussing Obesity With a Friend or Loved One

Weight is often a sensitive issue, and it can be very difficult to bring up the issue with a friend or loved one. The first thing to realise is that most people who are overweight or obese already know this. Therefore, you should not take the approach that you are providing a...
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Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common condition experienced by people travelling on planes, cars, trains, and especially on boats. It is characterised by dizziness, nausea and fatigue.
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Protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

What are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? Who gets STIs? Predisposing factors of STIs How are STIs prevented? Biomedical approaches to […]