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Better understanding neurodegenerative diseases

UOW scientists are at the forefront of an exciting new field of research that aims to use metals, such as […]

Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health

A critical discovery about how bacteria feed on an unusual sugar molecule found in leafy green vegetables could hold the […]

New horizons in understanding the benefits of fibre

Reducing the risk of specific cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, fibre is an unsung food hero.  Despite being the […]

Weekend binge just as bad for the gut as regular junk food diet

If you thought you could get away with indulging in junk food only on the weekend, think again. New research suggests yo-yo dieting […]

Wash all supermarket produce to be safe

Pre-washed supermarket fruit and vegetables should be washed again to remove all traces of pathogenic bugs, says a Victoria University […]

Gut reaction: Bacteria play gender roles

Gut bacteria play vastly different roles in men and women even when the microbe balance of the gut looks exactly […]

Gut reaction: smart pill smells out the body’s fibre factor

Researchers have conducted the first ever trials of smart pills that can measure intestinal gases inside the body, with surprising […]

My dad… my hero… my button buddy

Most boys look up to their dads as hero’s and four and half year old Zephyr Anderson is no different. Zephyr’s dad Clay would stop at nothing for his son and he even got a tattoo of his son’s feeding tube so they could become button buddies!

How pigs are helping researchers tackle antibiotic resistance

Scientists at UTS are tackling the growing health crisis of antibiotic resistance at its most significant source – the farmyard. […]

Hospital admission for drug related poisonings

Poisonings from recreational drug and alcohol use account for 9% of all poisoning-related hospital admissions, says a new University of […]