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Textured breast implants pose greater risk of infection than smooth breast impl…

New research shows that breast implants with a textured surface have a significantly higher chance of developing bacterial coating (biofilm) […]

Obesity can reshape our sense of taste

As surprising as it may sound, for some people the problem of weight gain may lie right on the tip […]

Changing patterns in deadly mosquito-borne disease

Curtin University research has revealed changing infection patterns for potentially deadly Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus (MVEV) and suggested...

Promoting the ‘exercise pill’

“Mental illness is something that many Australians will experience in their lifetime. While medications and other therapies are an...

Can ‘love hormone’ protect against addiction?

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say addictive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor […]

2014 flu vaccine

Influenza affects up to 15% of adults and 30% of children each flu season and early indications suggest we could be facing a severe […]
Should I drink it?

Imagination could be key to beating alcohol

People who want to drink less alcohol are being urged to join a study of a newly developed treatment that […]
Doctor giving man checkup in exam room

New prostate cancer treatments to be fast-tracked

Clinical trials of new drugs to treat the most aggressive form of prostate cancer are expected to be underway in […]

UV exposure found to lower folate levels in young women

Women who are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant and taking a folic acid supplement may be at risk of […]

Potential heart attack drug without side effects

Melbourne scientists are a step closer to creating a new drug to stop a heart attack in its tracks and […]

Oxytocin could provide new treatment for anorexia

Oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’, could provide a new treatment for anorexia nervosa, according to new research by […]

Septicaemia deaths could be halved

Researchers from the Australian New Zealand Intensive Care (ANZIC) Research Centre at Monash University today released a study that reveals how a...
doctor prescribing drugs

Antibiotic resistance “front line” in health care

It is the health system’s nightmare, bubbling just below the surface of our hospitals. Infections are becoming more and more […]
mountainbike couple outdoors

Two minute workout

Bike commuters can get a lot more out of a quick ride according to Dr Chris Abbiss. For those riding […]

Prototype pillow to help reduce suffocation fears

People with epilepsy may soon be able to sleep a little easier, thanks to research carried out by a team […]