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World Cancer Day 2014






World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and brings together communities, organisations and individuals around the world to raise awareness about cancer.

Every year nearly 8 million people die of cancer and it is estimated that by 2030 there will be 12 million cancer deaths annually worldwide. Importantly this number could be significantly reduced through cost effective prevention, early detection and treatment strategies.

In line with international trends, the number of people diagnosed with cancer in Australia is increasing. About one in two men and one in three women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

New report shows cancer the No. 1 global killer

Increased incidence gives rise to harmful cancer myths

A new global scientific report released today (4/2) for World Cancer Day shows that cancer is the biggest cause of mortality worldwide, responsible for 8.2 million deaths per year and rising.

The World Cancer Report also predicts that cancer incidence will increase by 75% over the next two decades, exceeding 20 million new cases a year in 2025.

Cancer Council Australia spokesperson, Terry Slevin, said reasons for the increase varied in different countries. “Australia has one of the world’s highest cancer incidence rates, third in the world behind Denmark and France, largely because of our ageing population. “Australians are living longer than previous generations, thanks to improved infection and cardiovascular disease control. Unfortunately cancer is a disease that is more likely to affect us later in life, so the longer Australians live, the more cancer cases we see,” Mr Slevin said.

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Posted On: 4 February, 2014
Modified On: 19 March, 2014


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